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I am so pleased. My relationship with my laptop has been saved. Not to mention my relationship with DW, AO3, DragCave, online banking, and anything else requiring a login!

Rejoice with me by telling me what you've been up to lately. :D
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I generally keep my real life out of my fandom, but I feel like the new year is a good time to cross the streams and provide a bit of a general "state of the Krait" update.

Bullet points? Bullet points. )
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I've been quiet lately; sorry! Things haven't worked out quite as planned. I signed up for NaNo, but it's not going well (combination of world events sapping my will to write, and more mundane things frittering away my time).

Currently I'm without internet access unless I haul my laptop to my parents' house or to the library. I hope to correct this situation soon, but I am Officially Terrible at anything requiring me to make phone calls, so it's taken (and is taking) longer than anticipated. With luck, though, I'll get it sorted out sometime this week or next, and be back amongst you!
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It is absolutely pouring down rain! I have tea and nostalgia!fic, though, so it's not all bad. The nostalgia!fic bender started a few days ago, and is still going strong.

Today's nostalgia!fic of choice: Gundam Wing, heavy on the Treize/Zechs. Between this and the Fullmetal Alchemist re-watching, I'm really craving more slashfics with a commanding officer/subordinate officer pairing; recs, anyone?
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What a great prompt from [personal profile] boxofdelights: "Tell me about a book that you loved when you were a child, that you would still recommend today."

This was in many ways a tough choice, because I read a lot as a kid, and a lot of my reading material was formative for me in some way! I ended up including both my choice and a runner-up.

I read a lot of award-winning fiction when I was a kid! )
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The weather has warmed slightly; it's amazing how much less I hate the universe when that happens. :D (The snake name is truth in advertising; I was not made to deal with cold weather!)

Ooh, and I still need to make that post about Certain Characters! Maybe I'll prompt it to myself as part of the December meme.

Speaking of which: you can still throw prompts at me for the December Prompt Meme! I'm willing to take prompts all the way through December, really; all I ask is more than a day's notice so I can gather my thoughts if needed. :D If you're doing one, too, let me know and I'll be happy to scrounge up a prompt for you in return!
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I've been fannish lately, but not gregarious. It seems hard to write for some reason, be it fic or blog entries. Sorry.

What have I been doing lately? )

So: what have you been doing lately?
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Earlier this week, as I was tying up my cucumber plants, I nearly toppled from my precarious perch right into this beautiful resting moth:

Photos beneath the cut )

Fortunately, I didn't fall, and I also managed to avoid disturbing my visitor's rest while snapping these shots!
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Life proceeds apace.

I've very little to report of fannish interest, except for 1) I'm in the midst of a crushing bout of writer's block that was NOT invited to this party! and 2) I finally found [one] my copy of Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy and have had a delightful rereading experience; I'm longing for fanfic, or to write fanfic, or perhaps to reread The Invisible Ring next.

Maybe I should try combating the block with research for the BJT story I have always wanted to write. *ponders* At least if I'm "researching" then I'd feel less bleeegh about not writing. Possibly.
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I wish I posted more often, but my life is void of interest. I've been sick again (still am, but improving thanks to antibiotics), so I've done even less than usual. Minimal work to fics -- maybe I can cram some progress in tonight? -- and a whole lot of feeling miserable do not make for exciting posts, and one can only borry from Granny Weatherwax (I Aten't Dead) so many times.

Tomorrow: dentist appointment. Cleaning, and finally getting some worrisome spots looked at. I fail so hard at grownup-ing, lately, even on things I'm normally up to speed on! The single point of overlap between me and Lord Peter is a superstitious dread of tooth problems (and consequent eager recourse to dentists), so HOW have I let not one, but three potential problem areas develop?! *tries hard not to fret* Guess I'll know either way come tomorrow morning.

I feel kind of bad about going to the dentist when I'm still obviously not well, but I can't bear to drag out the waiting-to-see-if-the-news-is-bad. Hopefully I'm past the contagious stage? *winces for dentist's sake*

At any rate -- I'm alive, and my life is mostly deadly dull in between bouts of biological upset. :P


Dec. 7th, 2013 02:26 pm
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I can feel a sore throat coming on. :/ I suppose this means that my immune system's annual vacation has happened; at least it's somewhat later than usual.

Been distracting myself by reading fanmaterials for Hemostuck, but I'm afraid that any more and I'll start whinging about the unfairness of the universe re: No More Hemostuck, so now it's time for Writing! I hope to have a word count worth posting about this week!

What have all of you lovely people been doing?

A quick reminder that my December Prompts meme still has spaces left if you want me to babble on about something in particular! There have been some fantastic prompts so far; I'm excited for them! :D

A further quick reminder that Holiday mailings are still open if you would like to receive something!


Apr. 9th, 2013 10:49 pm
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I have SO MANY THINGS that I need to do in, y'know, real life. Everything from "file taxes" to "figure out how to find an apartment with roommate(s)". And I have SO MANY THINGS that I want need to do in online life, too, from "finish that one fic" to "finish that other fic" to "write for the HSKM Fillathon" to "make a rec post"!

I just can't seem to... do any of them?

Sorry in advance for whining. )


Mar. 21st, 2013 10:11 pm
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Next Christmas season I am placing a bounty on this candy! All who send it to me shall receive fic, or something. It is delicious beyond all reason and there cannot be enough of it; especially as it's not sold in my area.

Even the teeny yellow cat in the brand logo is adorable.
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I'm sick and miserable, which means I'm not accomplishing anything I ought to be doing, from kinkmeme fic to job searching.

Can I just... have my sinuses removed? Is that a thing doctors can do, and if not, why not?
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I would like to send out holiday cards this year! Especially if you are a member of my dw circle, but anyone else who winds up here is very much welcome, too!

Specs for the interested. )
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Thank you all so much for your kind responses to my meltdown of yesterday. *facepalming*

For various reasons, some related to the job (schedule is at least finalised, and not as bad as I was expecting, though other issues are still causing me minor peeves) and others related to, uh, breaking out the double bergamot Earl Grey? The direction of the wind? The breaking of the emotional dam? Anyway, I am a lot less angry-and-hopeless today. (And I haven't even eaten the slice of chocolate pie in the freezer yet!)

I can't express how much I appreciate your comments and encouragements. I did know my frustrations aren't unique, but there's something to be said for knowing that people I know have been in the same boat. Plus they apparently expect that I will someday disembark!

In conclusion: I love all of you and will keep on keeping on, hopefully with a boost to my motivation.

Never mind working, anyway. What I really need is someone to come here and make me tea while prodding me with a sharp stick until I finish this Dave/Sollux thing. I've worked on, basically, everything else I have going that is not the Dave/Sollux thing, and it's approaching the ridiculous. *facepalming*


Jul. 6th, 2012 01:30 am
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I should post, but have fallen into the issue of there not being much to say.

I'm tired a lot for no single particular reason; I'm working, in spare moments, on a couple of Homestuck fics that I hope to post to the kinkmeme when it moves to DW. I'm contemplating ways to exercise that don't involve the outdoors. I had a birthday. I still desperately want to be employed and feel like a failure as a grownup. I need to draw myself a new icon.

Notice how that's mostly a list of things that haven't been done? Yeah. That's why I haven't been posting. (Also see: tired.)

In more cheerful news, I'm travelling next week; I may or may not have internet access, but I anticipate much fun being had regardless.
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It just occurred to me that cooking may be a nearly-perfect metaphor for asexuality, in my case.

The more I think about it, the more parallels I notice!

Should I warn for strictly metaphorical discussion of sex/wanking? )

Why does my brain hand me these things without warning? Now I'm going to feel slightly weird the next time I feed somebody...
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It just occurred to me that cooking may be a nearly-perfect metaphor for asexuality, in my case.

The more I think about it, the more parallels I notice!

Should I warn for strictly metaphorical discussion of sex/wanking? )

Why does my brain hand me these things without warning? Now I'm going to feel slightly weird the next time I feed somebody...
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I just found out that "Tony", a tiger imprisoned in a U.S. truck stop for most of his life, has successfully been declared an illegally owned big cat, and will be moving to a sanctuary!

May he discover the small miracles of grass and entertainment, and may he life a long and prosperous life amongst them.


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