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Shamelessly stolen from [personal profile] cypher and [personal profile] recessional. Leave a number (or two!) in a comment. Then copy/paste to your own journal if you want people to ask you questions.

21 questions about fics and writing, below the cut. )
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This meme stolen from [personal profile] melannen and [personal profile] extrapenguin, to help repair the lack of posts in my journal lately.

21 Questions, With Answers! )
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This prompt came from [personal profile] seerofbread: "Titles/categories from fandoms that you apply to yourself. (For example, what Hogwarts house would you be in, or do you even think/care about those things?)"

Read more... )

It's not something I don't think about, because an instinctive part of me wants to be involved in any canon I'm serious about, and that includes "where do I fit in"-type assessments like this, not to mention that it's hard to avoid as a side-thought when doing related types of meta (character analysis, or contrasting the different categories, etc.)! However, it's not something I get deathly serious about, either; I generally prefer to lavish the lion's share of my fannish brain capacity on other forms of meta. But everybody has that thinly veiled self insert OC deep inside them.

What about you, readers? What categories from fandom have you considered, applied, or rejected?
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This prompt from [personal profile] isis was a wonderful exercise in greed: "Design the perfect canon for you from scratch! What is it about? SF, historical, fantasy? Is it a tv series or a book series or a comic series or a game or....something else?"

A tough one! )
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My prompt for the 16th was: "Briefly summarize your [Some Number] most favourite fanworks in an unappealing or misleading way." - [personal profile] odditycollector

This is the sort of thing I've always admired when other people do it well, but have secretly worried I'm not witty enough to do, so bear with me here. :D

Let's face it, the real hardest part is picking the fanworks! )

Edited to add: Now with real summaries in the comments, in case anything struck you as intriguing, or you want to know just how far I can stretch a point in the name of amusement. :D
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What a great prompt from [personal profile] boxofdelights: "Tell me about a book that you loved when you were a child, that you would still recommend today."

This was in many ways a tough choice, because I read a lot as a kid, and a lot of my reading material was formative for me in some way! I ended up including both my choice and a runner-up.

I read a lot of award-winning fiction when I was a kid! )
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My prompt for the 14th was: "What's your take on the whole Vanyel legend/story? What upsets you the most about it?" Thanks, [personal profile] kowe!

There are really two parts to this prompt; Vanyel's legend, and Vanyel's story! In canon, these things definitely differ, so I shall try to address both.

Stories become legends, legends become fanfic. )
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My prompt for the 13th was supplied by [personal profile] blnchflr, who asked me to talk about "Characters who are Good whom you like (unless you don't like any Good characters)."

I spent about three days trying to work out an answer to this one, only to belatedly realise that I may be overthinking it -- I kept trying to figure out the difference between good and Good, and it only occurred to me yesterday that maybe the uppercase was just an attempt to distinguish "a morally good character" from "a good character" in the sense of well-written. *facepalming* [personal profile] blnchflr, feel free to chime in with your intentions!

Some thoughts below the cut! )

Well, that got long, and kind of turned into a "discuss two tropes you've grown to hate" meta more so than one on good characters and goodness! Sorry. *sheepish* In summary: I have a lot of ~feelings~ about the notion of "Good People" and characters who think they belong in that category, most of which are bound up in the very shallow, platitude-y way that many canons apply it.

Edit: Just discovered my HTML was borked, and half this entry never showed up! Welp. Fixed now, and I did a bunch of editing, too. Hope somebody notices!
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Today's prompt comes from [personal profile] edenfalling, and is technically Tuesday's prompt: Do your fannish reading and writing interests always overlap? If not, is there any pattern to their intersection or lack thereof?

This was tricky! )

This is a HUGE topic, and I'm trying to keep this entry from becoming so large it collapses under its own weight, so jump in and ask for clarifications if I've muddled something. Or tell me what your own reading and/or writing hot-buttons are, and whether they share certain features and how they diverge!
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Looping back today to cover my prompt for the 1st, which I forgot about. (It's oddly appropriate, considering the topic! This is a fandom that delights in screwing with the temporal dimensions of any number of realities!)

Prompt by Edenfalling: How did you get into Homestuck? )

Tell me how you got into Homestuck, if you are! Or talk to me about backwards fandoms: have you ever entered a fandom backwards? How long did it take, and how hard was it?
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Starting this meme off the right way by completely forgetting I had a prompt for the 1st, heh. Oh, well; I have a prompt for today, so I'll move the missed one to the 3rd.

Prompt by Toft: Thoughts on Valdemar and the Companions soulbonding system! )
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The weather has warmed slightly; it's amazing how much less I hate the universe when that happens. :D (The snake name is truth in advertising; I was not made to deal with cold weather!)

Ooh, and I still need to make that post about Certain Characters! Maybe I'll prompt it to myself as part of the December meme.

Speaking of which: you can still throw prompts at me for the December Prompt Meme! I'm willing to take prompts all the way through December, really; all I ask is more than a day's notice so I can gather my thoughts if needed. :D If you're doing one, too, let me know and I'll be happy to scrounge up a prompt for you in return!
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It's probably too late for this, but I started feeling strongly today that I should do the December Talk Meme in order to help combat my recent withdrawals.

Below the cut: pick a date and give me a topic! )

Both fannish and non-fannish topics are welcome; though I'm biased toward the former (this is, after all, primarily a fannish blog) I've received both sorts of prompts in past Talk Memes and enjoyed both! (Fic/poetry/story prompts, too; they were tricky, but interesting!)
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My fifth prompt was from [personal profile] ysobel: "favorite seasonal drink(s)".

Well, 'seasonal' is a tricky concept. :D )

Tell me all about your own favourite beverages!
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My second prompt was from [personal profile] blnchflr: "light".

Sonnet again! Terezi-centric this time. )

Soooo, I was going to do a sonnet for Rose; somehow, it ended up being a sonnet for my favourite troll, instead! Not surprising, really -- both of them have a complex and somewhat inimical association with light, which is interesting in view (ha!) of their shared title (one cannot see in darkness). Rose is more actively opposed to it; Scratch describes her as "enamored by what dwelt in shadow" and at one point literally becomes "grimdark." Terezi, on the other hand, isn't opposed to it so much as it appears to be opposed to her. :D
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...Post 2 hasn't happened yet, but it will. *wry*

Today's (okay, yesterday's) prompt was from [personal profile] meicdon13: "Why snakes?"

The answer is: lots of reasons! )


Dec. 7th, 2013 02:26 pm
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I can feel a sore throat coming on. :/ I suppose this means that my immune system's annual vacation has happened; at least it's somewhat later than usual.

Been distracting myself by reading fanmaterials for Hemostuck, but I'm afraid that any more and I'll start whinging about the unfairness of the universe re: No More Hemostuck, so now it's time for Writing! I hope to have a word count worth posting about this week!

What have all of you lovely people been doing?

A quick reminder that my December Prompts meme still has spaces left if you want me to babble on about something in particular! There have been some fantastic prompts so far; I'm excited for them! :D

A further quick reminder that Holiday mailings are still open if you would like to receive something!
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Problem: I want to do the December meme, but I don't think I can manage in-depth posts on work nights; I'm usually running on minimal brainpower after having been up sixteen hours.

Solution: turn it into a "weekends of December" meme!

Ergo: Pick a date and a topic, and on that date I will write about that topic for you. If I don't know anything about the topic, I'll make something up or substitute photospam or doodle something!

December 6th:
December 7th:
December 8th: [personal profile] sylvaine "xeno!"
December 13th: [personal profile] blnchflr "light"
December 14th:
December 15th: [personal profile] meicdon13 "why snakes?"
December 20th: [personal profile] seerofbread "smoke"
December 21st: [personal profile] ysobel "favorite seasonal drink(s)"
December 22nd:
December 27th:
December 28th:
December 29th:

Meme time!

Feb. 25th, 2013 10:54 pm
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Ganked from [personal profile] othercat (do we still say 'ganked' nowadays?)

Tell me about stories you think I should write. If you could sit me down for a day or whatever and say, "Ok, I want you to write this story for me," what would that story be?

This meme contains no guarantee that I will write anything beyond "LOL!" (ha; you lot know I am never that brief), but who knows - I might just get inspired!


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