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This prompt came from [personal profile] seerofbread: "Titles/categories from fandoms that you apply to yourself. (For example, what Hogwarts house would you be in, or do you even think/care about those things?)"

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It's not something I don't think about, because an instinctive part of me wants to be involved in any canon I'm serious about, and that includes "where do I fit in"-type assessments like this, not to mention that it's hard to avoid as a side-thought when doing related types of meta (character analysis, or contrasting the different categories, etc.)! However, it's not something I get deathly serious about, either; I generally prefer to lavish the lion's share of my fannish brain capacity on other forms of meta. But everybody has that thinly veiled self insert OC deep inside them.

What about you, readers? What categories from fandom have you considered, applied, or rejected?
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My prompt for the 13th was supplied by [personal profile] blnchflr, who asked me to talk about "Characters who are Good whom you like (unless you don't like any Good characters)."

I spent about three days trying to work out an answer to this one, only to belatedly realise that I may be overthinking it -- I kept trying to figure out the difference between good and Good, and it only occurred to me yesterday that maybe the uppercase was just an attempt to distinguish "a morally good character" from "a good character" in the sense of well-written. *facepalming* [personal profile] blnchflr, feel free to chime in with your intentions!

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Well, that got long, and kind of turned into a "discuss two tropes you've grown to hate" meta more so than one on good characters and goodness! Sorry. *sheepish* In summary: I have a lot of ~feelings~ about the notion of "Good People" and characters who think they belong in that category, most of which are bound up in the very shallow, platitude-y way that many canons apply it.

Edit: Just discovered my HTML was borked, and half this entry never showed up! Welp. Fixed now, and I did a bunch of editing, too. Hope somebody notices!
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Looping back today to cover my prompt for the 1st, which I forgot about. (It's oddly appropriate, considering the topic! This is a fandom that delights in screwing with the temporal dimensions of any number of realities!)

Prompt by Edenfalling: How did you get into Homestuck? )

Tell me how you got into Homestuck, if you are! Or talk to me about backwards fandoms: have you ever entered a fandom backwards? How long did it take, and how hard was it?
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I've been fannish lately, but not gregarious. It seems hard to write for some reason, be it fic or blog entries. Sorry.

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So: what have you been doing lately?
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Well, my last word count post was in July (*wince*) but anyway! Here it is, back again. I went a long time where I just had zero energy or inspiration to write, but in the last week or two I've had two or three bursts of sudden WORDS ARE HAPPENING excitement. (As usual: not necessarily on anything I should be prioritising, but at least it's something!)

Document 1
last wordcount: 90,267.
current wordcount: 99,121!

Document 2
last wordcount: 10,694.
current wordcount: 12,837!

Document 2 is even more impressive because I've actually split the largest of its pieces off into a separate GoogleDoc, so that means most of its new words are divided between just two fic starts. For purposes of word counting, the GoogleDoc version shall be known as "Document 2.1" henceforth.

Document 2.1
last word count: ??
current word count: 5434.

I hit a roadblock in this one for a long time due to POV issues, but I've been slowly hammering away on them (it boils down to having to rewrite everything after a certain point), and was able to post another snippet to AO3! Next bit is giving me grief because it's hideously infodump-y, and I really really hate "we now interrupt your hawt pr0nz to bring you All The Background Info" -- so I'm having a hard time convincing myself that it's okay to post it as-is and clean it up later. (I think the lesson this story is teaching me is: No, posting works in progress is Not For Me.)
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It was an incredible fic, too; I'm dying to reread it and can't find it anywhere.

I have never missed a fandom's presence on DW so keenly; there is, of course, no Homestuck fic-finding community here!
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My second prompt was from [personal profile] blnchflr: "light".

Sonnet again! Terezi-centric this time. )

Soooo, I was going to do a sonnet for Rose; somehow, it ended up being a sonnet for my favourite troll, instead! Not surprising, really -- both of them have a complex and somewhat inimical association with light, which is interesting in view (ha!) of their shared title (one cannot see in darkness). Rose is more actively opposed to it; Scratch describes her as "enamored by what dwelt in shadow" and at one point literally becomes "grimdark." Terezi, on the other hand, isn't opposed to it so much as it appears to be opposed to her. :D


Dec. 7th, 2013 02:26 pm
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I can feel a sore throat coming on. :/ I suppose this means that my immune system's annual vacation has happened; at least it's somewhat later than usual.

Been distracting myself by reading fanmaterials for Hemostuck, but I'm afraid that any more and I'll start whinging about the unfairness of the universe re: No More Hemostuck, so now it's time for Writing! I hope to have a word count worth posting about this week!

What have all of you lovely people been doing?

A quick reminder that my December Prompts meme still has spaces left if you want me to babble on about something in particular! There have been some fantastic prompts so far; I'm excited for them! :D

A further quick reminder that Holiday mailings are still open if you would like to receive something!
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I was cruising past some Homestuck blogs on Tumblr, and apparently there's a meme (or maybe it was just an ask; I don't do Tumblr) about "common Homestuck headcanons you don't subscribe to" and the person discussed 'grubloaf/grubsauce is made from troll grubs' fanon. According to her, it felt too anvilicious; like being beaten over the head with how troll culture is WRONG and HORRIBLE, and also as though someone's trying too hard to gross people out.

This made me double-take and then giggle because it's a fanon I've encountered a lot and, while it's not my personal headcanon either, it never gave me the feeling that it was supposed to be a squick attempt or a commentary on troll culture! It's always weird to re-remember that my reactions to cannibalism aren't the norm.

Maybe it's my biology geek showing through (plenty of species eat their offspring/siblings!) or maybe it's just my pragmatic attitude to food (if it's tasty, eat it), but when I encounter the troll-grubs-as-food fanon I just sort of... accept it? It's not horrific to me, so it never felt like "let me show you how BAD trolls are!"; likewise, it's not gross to me, so it never struck me as "are you making gagging noises yet?" either. More or less I treat it the same as any other popular bit of fanon I don't personally subscribe to, e.g. neck gills on seadwellers. If asked, I'll explain why it's not my headcanon, but otherwise? So long as the author isn't egregiously fail!splaining it in-story and forcing me to remember why I don't believe it, I can fit it into my mental framework for the duration of the fic and not think about it.

In sum: "Grubloaf is made from grubs!" doesn't ping me in any moral spectrum or in my gastroesophageal reflexes, and sometimes I get reminded how weird that makes me. :D

(For non-Homestuck people: trolls are an alien species that hatch out as insect-like grubs, which later pupate into more humanoid shape to continue development. They seem to be a r-strategist species, at least insofar as requiring little parental care and reproducing - one infers - in large numbers, many of which never make it to their first pupation.)


Jun. 13th, 2013 01:59 am
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Meant to do my word count tonight, and forgot!

Also, I currently have my list of WIP stories (with small summaries) locked, because it's all Homestuck and I know most of my circle isn't into that, but would anyone else like to be let in anyway? (Should one warn for one-paragraph summaries? If so - Warnings for porn, aliens, and various kinks, almost all consensual.)
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AKA "fabulous meta on the Alternian language, with some elements I had already considered", AKA "Headcanon: Accepted" AKA "YES THIS!!"

I love all of these people. (Okay, I'm only distantly familiar with Ashkatom, and not at all with Daemoninwhite, but everyone else is somebody whose blog I pay regular attention to, and now you know why!)

Transcript of Tumblr conversation under the cut: )
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Dear Homestuck authors:

If you are writing an all-human AU, please tag your fic with that!

Hint: tagging it with plain old "AU", or any subcategory thereof (such as "college AU") does not remove the need for a "Humanstuck" tag.


P.S. - I realise this is a matter of personal taste, but why do you all write so much humanstuck fic?! Your fic would be a thousand times better if it were, say, a coffee shop AU or college AU or rock band AU, or whatever, and did that without ducking out of the issues that come along with mixing two disparate cultures and species! Call me a one-trick pony, but watching humans and trolls pair up and accomplish life goals is ever so much more interesting when you don't take away two-thirds of the potential conflict before the story even starts.


P.P.S - Star Trek fandom, this goes for you, too. (I haven't been reading you nearly as much, lately, but that may change when/if I see the movie, so you can't hide forever!)
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Sort of, anyway.

Baseline/starting point word counts seemed like a good idea.

Document 1 - this is the larger one by far, with way more words and way more fic starts (and fic middles, and random scenes going nowhere, and meta/underlying headcanons for the aforementioned, copy-pasted prompts I like, and pure self-indulgent fic that will never see the light of day). Starting word count: 84,630.

Document 2 - this one's a lot smaller, because it contains only a handful of fic attempts (or, rather, three fic attempts and four prompts I haven't done anything with, yet). Starting word count: 7,078.

Document 3 - this holds one specific fic attempt, started back in the early days when I thought that writing Homestuck fic would be a one-time thing (hahaHAHA, good thing I'm not a fortuneteller). Starting word count: 4,550.

Hopefully, Monday Night Word Count Updates will become a thing! Snippets may be involved; griping about the bits I'm stuck on almost certainly will. :D


Mar. 4th, 2013 11:35 pm
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So, remember that time when I wailed that A Jewel in the Scarlet Crown had been abandoned?


*ecstatic little silly dance around the laptop*

Bonus: it was [personal profile] laylah's brain baby! I feel as though I should have guessed that, but no matter; I'm just so pleased! I keep wondering whether I should post anything to let anyone still lingering in that thread know, or whether the author plans to do so and I'd just be making a redundant nuisance of myself. ([personal profile] laylah, any preference?)
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Dear AO3,

I do not like your search! What happened to you, that the answer to my every query is now a complete temporal jumble?

Stop it. A heap of results without any kind of date-sorting is exactly useless! How do you even need to be told this?

No love and no kudos,


I just want some Dave/Tavros, and/or some Dave/Karkat, guys. There's a sudden dearth, and now my main supplier isn't handing it over!

[personal profile] askerian's demon summoner AU can't be the only thing keeping me going! That's not fair to her, though I do owe her lots of comments for it, so maybe this is my hint to do so?

I think I should pick a day to become my "comment on all the fic I've read lately" day; the list has been piling up.


Feb. 3rd, 2013 07:14 pm
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Dear Kinkmeme,

I give you porn, you give me comments. This is SO TOTALLY how it works, yes it is, don't try to argue. I refuse all of your contrary evidence, because all of your contrary evidence is not this pairing, which makes people comment!

Anyway! Earlier today I gave you one non-porn and one porn(ish) thing, and I still have no comments! This? This is you falling down on our bargain. I am most wroth. Correct this at once, before I'm forced to do radical things like stop posting, finish the whole story (hint: I never finish stories), and get it beta-read before posting any more. I am sick; I need instant gratification, not yet another long project that will pay off maybe someday eventually! If I wanted that, I'd go work on one of the dozen kinkmeme-inspired things I already have a thousand-plus words of.

No love,

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The only problem with rereading The Phoenix Guards is that, by about halfway through, all my writing invariably begins to resemble that of the inestimable Paarfi of Roundwood.

Considering I'm trying to write Homestuck fic, the results are... entertaining.
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Sooooo today I woke up with a fabulous scene in my head; by the time I got up, I had two. So I slapped them into my in-progress document, pleased with myself if slightly surprised.

Then I skipped through some of the other in-progress things and tacked a few hundred words of smut onto a couple of them.

Then I went and read some smut, came back and wrote a few hundred more words. o.O

Apparently during the night someone set my writing switch to YES, but the faucet is drawing straight from the Adult Content well.

(Too bad my current reverse-prompt projects are mostly non-porn! D'oh.)
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Why do I have THREE fics-in-progress whose summaries amount to "Dave and Tavros have inhumanly, absurdly large amounts of sex".

Dear brain and/or muse, we need to talk.
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What's a cheery (or cheesy) song that a grownup!John might use as a ringtone for Karkat? (Non-Homestuck fen: what song would you use for a best friend who's a co-leader of your friends group, has no secrets from you, and is comically over-the-top when riled?) Or it doesn't have to be a song; a comedy routine/punchline, TV show theme song, or anything else would also do. It just has to be relatively loud and definitely mood-killing. :D

Also, can anyone suggest movies which have a love triangle as a minor/background element, rather than being the main plot? Preferably a movie that a group of guys would have some interest in seeing.

Thank you all!


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