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I'm sick and working overtime, so naturally my Flist explodes with wonderful things! :D Like The Flight of the Prince, by [ profile] mneomosyne. Beautiful atmosphere; a very eerie, almost surreal, depiction of one of my favourite HBP scenes.
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Ooooooh. Glock has done it again! Beautiful HBP art, with Snape and Harry and one of my all-time favourite scenes: "I am not a coward!" really captures the emotional resonance of the moment, with Snape's ferocious expression and battle-prepared stance. And such beautiful details: the clasps of Snape's robe, the surprise on Harry's face. Lovely!
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Written by the marvelous [ profile] icarusancalion, this is a "HP/SS gen" drabble. (I suppose I'll double-file it.) It's a wonderful take on the old "X and Y are locked up together" plot, and their answer is priceless. :D
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Have you seen "Locker Room" yet?

I'm a bit late, I know, but I'm in love! Lanky, sullen, mostly-naked teenage Severus! [ profile] lizardspots has done it again; I'm drooling. :D If there were a way to print this out, six feet tall, I'd do it in an instant. I'd even pay (cheap as I am) whatever was required to do it!

Why are you still listening to me rave? Go and look! (And don't forget to look for all those little details Lizard slips in!)
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Delightful gen art by [ profile] fiendling: Snape's Initiation has truly incredible shadows and such a palpable aura of secrecy. I'm in love!

Gen art!

Jan. 21st, 2005 12:08 am
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If you haven't seen [ profile] yukipon's lovely sketch of Harry and Sirius... why haven't you? :D It's absolutely wonderful. The moment depicted is just perfect; so happy, familial, even downright cute.

You can find it here in her journal, although it is also available at her website.
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All right, folks, this is the genuine article. :D [ profile] squirmy's "Yet Another Snape" is anything but just another Snape! He could be right out of an animated Potter film, with his bright yellow tones and marvelous sneer. I'm utterly in love with his expression.

And his nose. :D
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Gen art! Remus + Harry is just a terrifically sweet hug, with young Harry and a determined Remus; [ profile] glockgal has done a lovely job depicting emotion on both sides, particularly on Remus, whose very understated-ness makes him seem true to canon. (Plus, despite being pencil work, it looks like watercolours, and I'm a sucker for watercolours!)
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It seems to be a day for gen. :D

Ditraveler's "At the Three Broomsticks" is an illustration of the scene in PoA wherein Harry's connection to Sirius is revealed; everything is absolutely marvelous, right down to the incredible Christmas tree next to the table, and the look on poor Harry's face.

the scene )
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Ack! My list of recs to post has grown ridiculously long whilst real life pummeled me into the ground these past weeks.

In celebration of The Paper being completed, I give you Monsters, by Gloria Mundi. Gen Pirates fic, with a marvelous view into Jack Sparrow's skull as he duels with Barbossa in the cavern. (Ha ha, yes, "skull" = pun intended. I = dork.) Gloria puts into words all the things I was thinking and noting during that scene; Jack's brilliant grasp of exactly where to prod people, the look upon the dying Barbossa's face, the questions of immortality and, perhaps, Will's ultimate choice. Short and deep, not to mention beautiful writing and an eerie mimicry of what I found mysejf thinking during the film.
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Here's one that got lost in the shuffle for a while! Guardian, by Julip ([ profile] coldbeverage), is a terribly lovely picture that not only evokes a wealth of emotion but is also particularly well-done. I adore watercolours, and hers are superb--muted yet distinct, with a wealth of texture and detail.
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All right, now this is unusual! [ profile] tapedeck has drawn not one, but two Snapes, in a fascinating style and entertaining position -- "And never the twain shall meet" has Book!Snape and Rickman!Snape in a face-off containing quite a lot of nose. :D

We can all guess by now which I prefer.
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Hurrah for ~metamorphism! Remus, naked save for a Christmas bow, kept me grinning all day long.
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A limerick, occasioned by the discussion in Pottersues
Sadly, it is not slashy or even the least bit sex-related; however, it is my first limerick and I'm proud of it. (And simultaneously ashamed-- why do I have so much more trouble with five lines than with fourteen?)

A Potions professor named Snape
Felt trapped in his job--no escape!
But, said he with a grin,
I will never give in:
I'll teach DADA one day, just you wait!
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In Absentia, by Dr. Worm, is incredibly touching and somewhat slashy while still being totally G-rated. Harry, hugging Remus' cardigan, and looking somewhat forlorn; what's not to like? I particularly love Harry's hair, and the way his wrist sticks out of his sleeve so adolescent-ly; I'm so used to the MentallyGrownUp!Harry who appears in so many slashfics that it's good to be reminded he's still young enough to be wrong, to be all knees and elbows and wrists however much an "old soul" he may have. Combined with the expression, and the sentiment... wow. I hurt for the poor boy.

Of course, being the irrepressible slasher I am, I hope that the absent Remus will return to him soon... :D


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