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Document 1
last word count: 99,121.
current word count: 103,601!

Document 2
last word count: 12,837
current word count: same.

Document 2.1
last word count: 5434
current word count: 6456!!!!

Document 3
last word count: 4,550.
current word count: 4830!!!!

That is something like progress! Particularly since I finally started the rewriting needed to get 2.1 progressing again. Keep your fingers crossed that I won't lose my momentum...
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Well, my last word count post was in July (*wince*) but anyway! Here it is, back again. I went a long time where I just had zero energy or inspiration to write, but in the last week or two I've had two or three bursts of sudden WORDS ARE HAPPENING excitement. (As usual: not necessarily on anything I should be prioritising, but at least it's something!)

Document 1
last wordcount: 90,267.
current wordcount: 99,121!

Document 2
last wordcount: 10,694.
current wordcount: 12,837!

Document 2 is even more impressive because I've actually split the largest of its pieces off into a separate GoogleDoc, so that means most of its new words are divided between just two fic starts. For purposes of word counting, the GoogleDoc version shall be known as "Document 2.1" henceforth.

Document 2.1
last word count: ??
current word count: 5434.

I hit a roadblock in this one for a long time due to POV issues, but I've been slowly hammering away on them (it boils down to having to rewrite everything after a certain point), and was able to post another snippet to AO3! Next bit is giving me grief because it's hideously infodump-y, and I really really hate "we now interrupt your hawt pr0nz to bring you All The Background Info" -- so I'm having a hard time convincing myself that it's okay to post it as-is and clean it up later. (I think the lesson this story is teaching me is: No, posting works in progress is Not For Me.)
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Blargh. I have scarcely written anything in a month; I don't think I've even opened a document for a week. I don't know why I have the writing the blahs, but I really loathe it; I want to write!

So, a poll, for those who are on my "Homestuck Stuff I'm Working On" filter (or those of you who aren't, and want to answer more generally):

Poll #14143 Tell Me What To Write:
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 5

What should I work on?

Tickyboxes for those not on filter (if you like, but you're not limited to these options!):

View Answers

Dave/Tavros and horrible troll puberty
1 (20.0%)

find a foreground plot for oblivious!John
1 (20.0%)

Dave/Tavros and pail-free pailing
0 (0.0%)

Dave/Sollux with unpleasant xenobiology surprise
1 (20.0%)

go for one of the shameless pr0nz
2 (40.0%)

Eridan/John & Karkat needs MOAR awkwardness
3 (60.0%)

Dave/Tavros and first-time exploration
2 (40.0%)

something else that I put in the box above
1 (20.0%)

You guys choose, and I promise to write 500 words for the most popular answer! (And since I'm going with the majority answer, everybody should vote; make me write something!)

Word Count

Jul. 24th, 2013 09:28 pm
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Word count - 'weekly' status to be politely omitted this time - is now go!

Document 1:
last wordcount: 89, 042. 1225
Today: 90,267!

Document 2:
last wordcount: 9,892.
Today: 10,694!

Document 3:
last wordcount: 4,550.
Today: same.

HOW MUCH? +2,027 words. And I finally hit the 10K mark on Document 2! A mostly meaningless milestone, given how much is summary, but still heartening.

Things worked on: Added a paragraph or two to Reverse Prompt 2 (albeit out of sequence from the rest); Bucket Bypass vers. 2 (likewise, but at least plot-useful); "Eridan: Grow Up" acquired a paragraph and a bit, and my "I Can't Stop Writing This" self-indulgent thing lived up to its name, acquiring FOUR paragraphs. *facepalming*

Goals for next week: I need to buckle down and work on Codename: Miracle Gro, and on Reverse-Prompt 2!

Most fun bit: He'd never have guessed Dave Strider was so kinky, but he's not complaining.

Also, unrelatedly: nookworms. *innocent whistling*

Word count

Jul. 2nd, 2013 09:29 pm
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Word count - 'weekly' status to be politely omitted this time - is now go!

Document 1:
last wordcount: 85,898.
Today: 89, 042!

Document 2:
last wordcount: 8,086.
Today: 9,892!

Document 3:
last wordcount: 4,550.
Today: same.

HOW MUCH? +4,950 words!

Even better, most of those words were in things fairly high on the priority list - mostly Reverse-Prompt 1 (several paragraphs of progress, plus a few extra words when I went back and corrected all my tense failures), some Reverse-Prompt 2 (I'm not very happy with the new bits, but they exist), a bit of Oblivious!John.

Things I need to get better at: dialogue, especially John's; building the awkward kind of tension.
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Hmm, I need an icon to go along with word count posts.

I forgot last week's word count post (well, 'forgot' is simplifying), but at least I didn't forget to write! I've actually hammered away at a few things in the last couple weeks, including (gasp!) things I ought to be working on! I am tentatively pleased.

Speaking of 'things I ought to be working on', I made a post laying out most of my largest-wordcount/most-frequented fic efforts, for the sake of my alpha readers so that they'd have a better idea of what I'm talking about (because nothing actually has a title); it's currently filtered so that only they can see it, so as not to clutter things up in here with Yet More Homestuck Stuff, but if anyone wants in I'll gladly add them to the filter. (Warning: you may learn more about my fic kinks than you wanted to know, or at least about the ones I feel competent to write. More serious warning: there's a couple things - on a very long list - that fall into the dubcon/noncon area; these are marked.)

If, at some point, I pulled out the Valdemar doc and did some scribbling for that maybe-possibly sequel to "Solace", that'd be nice, too. The Vanyel comm has been pretty active lately, and it's giving me urges! *marks that idea down in the timeslot labelled "blocked for everything Homestuck*


Jun. 13th, 2013 01:59 am
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Meant to do my word count tonight, and forgot!

Also, I currently have my list of WIP stories (with small summaries) locked, because it's all Homestuck and I know most of my circle isn't into that, but would anyone else like to be let in anyway? (Should one warn for one-paragraph summaries? If so - Warnings for porn, aliens, and various kinks, almost all consensual.)
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Extra work and relatives from out of town: reasons why I have written practically nothing, and why this post is a day late.

For the record, though, here's the Tuesday Night Word Count:

Document 1:
last Tuesday: 85,050
Today: 85,898!

Document 2:
last Tuesday: 7,590
Today: 8,086.

Document 3:
last Tuesday: 4,550.
Today: same.

HOW MUCH? +1,344

Wow, more than I expected! Was I writing in my sleep? :D I don't remember making that many words! *pleased*

You guys are totally allowed to poke me, ask questions or demand progress, mock my snail-like pace, inquire as to whether I understand the meaning of the word 'priorities', request further clarifications, et cetera! At some point I hope to give all the major snippets a nickname, so I can keep track of which things I'm working on most often/fastest. (My priority *should* be the things in Doc3 and Doc2, which are kinkmeme things and thus kind of come with an inbuilt time limit, a.k.a. "post this before the meme ends and has gone to a new page"; within Doc1, my priority should be "things I can put on the interwebz at some point" rather than the un-share-able stuff... So far, my priorities seem to be thoroughly reversed, from what I remember of my efforts in the last couple weeks.)

Word Count

May. 21st, 2013 10:48 pm
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I think I said I'd do this on Tuesdays! Whoops, I said Monday nights; so I'm already late! Oh, well; here goes.

Document 1:
last Monday: 84,630.
this Tuesday: 85,050!

Document 2:
last Monday: 7,078.
this Tuesday: 7,590!

Document 3:
last Monday: 4,550.
this Tuesday: 4,550.

HOW MUCH? +932

I did all of that today, too; being sick is apparently good inspiration. :P
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Hmm. Maybe I should start posting word counts each week. (I'd say each day, but that would be 1-depressing, and 2-unfeasible.) Nothing else seems to be keeping my nose to the grindstone lately; it's just possible that watching number inch upward might be motivational.

Anyone object violently to my spamming the world with word counts for my various Homestuck fics in progress?


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