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I'd say I've been reading too much of the Homestuck Kink Meme over on LJ, but if this is the result, I want to do it again!

Last night my brain decided that dreams were just not awesome enough, and what I really needed was to 'write' two complete (and totally hot!) Homestuck fics whilst asleep. DEAR BRAIN: I LOVE YOU. IF YOU EVER WANT TO GIVE ME A DOUBLE DOSE OF TROLLSMUT AGAIN, PLEASE FEEL FREE!

I don't know which one was hotter, the Gamzee/Karkat or the Dave/Tavros fic... Very different fics, but both were full of Many Things I Like. I had just hammered out the last line when I woke up, and the whole experience was so vivid -- I remember, well, hammering out lines, revising wording, and all the other things I do when creating fic.

Of course, since I did them in my sleep and then woke up, now I can't remember enough to write them again, which is extremely frustrating!
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...Running into THIS ) doesn't help, either.

(But now I must find a copy of this somewhere!)
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...Running into THIS ) doesn't help, either.

(But now I must find a copy of that somewhere!)
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I have spent all day suffering vague anxiety/eagerness to get back into the book I was reading last night! It's been haunting me all day with random flashes of excitement at the building romantic tension and mental giggling over the great banter between the characters.

This cut is NSFW due to images of, erm, Sci-Fi Pr0nz. )


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