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The first secret from this batch will be posted on October 28th.

1. One secret link per comment.
2. 750x750 px or smaller.
3. Link directly to the image.
- Doing it RIGHT: http://i.imgur.com/KuBug.png
- Doing it WRONG: http://imgur.com/KuBug

Optional: If you would like your secret's fandom to be noted in the main post along with the secret itself, please put it in the comment along with your secret. If your secret makes the fandom obvious, there's no need to do this. If your fandom is obscure, you should probably tell me what it is.

Optional #2: If you would like WARNINGS (such as spoilers or common triggers -- list of some common ones here) to be noted in the main post before the secret itself, please put it in the comment along with your secret.

Optional #3: If you would like a transcript to be posted along with your secret, put it along with the link in the comment!

I immediately regret my life

Oct. 21st, 2017 01:46 pm
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So let's say I was going to make a terrible life choice and try to do NaNoWriMo. This is a bad decision, by the way, because I am trying to recover my house and prepare for hosting thanksgiving, and it's difficult to convince my brain to write words when there are chores to be done. (In my mental hierarchy, writing is only a hobby, and thus becomes optional; whereas keeping up with basic adulthood and cleaning the home are higher priority requirements - which only comes into play because my energy pool is so critically limited.)

The thing is, I have plenty of ideas, and some even in the conception stage, but they're mostly problematic in some way that adds some risk to a project I have only 10 days to prepare for...

- Ausrine (A Poly Pilot, Genderqueer Vampire, and Lesbian Werewolf Explore Space) - I have incredibly amazing and complex backstory, worldbuilding, setting, and a vague semblance of a plot, but not necessarily enough of a structure to keep it from becoming My Giant Infodump about these characters

- Shattering (In Which Sev Plays With God/Goddess Archetypes) - there's some plot, and the entire point of this story was to push forward and let the plot direct itself, but I'm having trouble working with what sort of religious archetypes I can pull and use and where the line of disrespect/appropriation lies, to a point where the writing often stutters

- Feyhaven/Witchhaven (My Self-Insert OC has Cats and Magic) - may or may not share a world with Shattering - promises to be really fun writing, urban fantasy (or rural fantasy, really), but like, what's plot

- Beacon (The Dragomire Family Magnum Opus) - has outlines, plot, everything is ready to go -- but this is nowhere near a 50K word tale, this is my crowning glory project, and even though most everything is ready to proceed I'm not sure if *I* am ready to truly dive in

- Fanfiction - fuck it, anything from Harry Potter to Final Fantasy crossover porn, just write the things

- The First Day of Autumn - has everything it needs to be word dumped, at least; started in a previous year and just got blocked/stumped

- Overflow - another previous NaNo project - same, in terms of things that were started and then blocked themselves

- The Mundane One With The Lesbian Werewolf, The Truth Witch, and Detective Work - needs to be flushed and fleshed out - easy setting, should be simple enough to push a simple plot through and make A Book

I think that's most of what I have sitting in the brainshelves; I'm sure I'll think of "the best one" approximately 35 minutes from now. It's hard to look at these and see which one wants to walk me through 50,000 words to success with a minimum of research/plotting time and a maximum of word dumping time.

Someone just tell me this is a bad idea


Oct. 21st, 2017 01:16 pm
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Thursday, 10/19/17. Cell phone pic; click for full size.

As photos go, it’s nice enough but nothing to write home about. As compositions for paintings go, it’s got a whole lot of potential.

This is how I see the world, much of the time. “Will this fit a 24 x 48”?” And “I could add a horse or two in silhouette behind those trees...”

[Catch-up] Inktober - Day 20 (Deep)

Oct. 21st, 2017 01:27 pm
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Forever chasing these prompts... :b

Title: Deep
Artist: [personal profile] goss
Rating: G
Fandom: DCU, Aquaman
Characters/Pairings: Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
Content Notes: Created for Inktober - Day 20, word prompt: Deep. I am SO EXCITED about Jason Momoa as the new Aquaman. Painted with Indian Ink. In addition to the ink drop, I tried a couple other techniques - scraping the paper afterwards to reveal small patches of white, and using salt crystals to create a rough texture.

Since it's an underwater scene, I've included a second version with a blue digital tint. I *love* the effect - that wash of colour really makes it come alive! :)


Click here for entire artwork )
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I’ve signed up to write a story for the “Fandom Loves Puerto Rico” charity auction. 


If you’re not familiar with these sorts of fannish auctions, they’ve been organized many times over the past years as benefits to raise funds for disaster relief.  The first one I was aware of was for the Haiti earthquake. 


How it works:  Fans offer various items, such as fic, art, vids, beta services, handcrafted items, etc., which usually include customization of the fic or item for the winning bidder.  Fans are given a certain amount of time to bid for the item.  The winner then donates the bid amount to the charity and emails a screencap of the receipt or other proof of donation to the creator.  Then the creator and winning bidder can discuss further details.


The auction went live on October 17th.


Deadline for bids is October 23rd.

Once again, I cannot figure out how to make links work in DW, despite reviewing their FAQ, so if anyone has any advice, could you let me know?  Thanks!

Here’s the main link:




Here’s a “how to” FAQ:




I’m offering a 1,000+ word fic with a minimum bid of $10.00.  Go to the bottom of the page.




There’s lots of fandoms to choose from.  Over 300 people have signed up to create items for this charity.  Here’s the list of fandoms with links to the people who are creating works in each fandom. 




Here’s the chosen charity:  ConPRmetidos.  I googled and found out:  The nonprofit is based in Puerto Rico, and is accepting donations that will be first be used for the immediate needs of food, shelter and water, and later transitioned to long-term recovery efforts.


The organizers said:  “The reason that we've chosen ConPRmetidos is because of their focus on long term, sustained repair of Puerto Rico's infrastructure. They'll be fixing roads, hospitals, homes, and the electrical grid. They're financing local companies and local efforts. They're working with the Puerto Rican National Guard to coordinate resources and fill financing gaps. And they're not going to leave in a couple weeks.”



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Vid Title: Cornflake Girl
Vidder: [personal profile] sol_se
Fandom: The Watcher in the Woods
Summary: The woods, a ghost, a solar eclipse, and Bette Davis. This movie has two different endings. Both exist simultaneously in different dimensions.
Reccer's Comments: This is awesome! (and it works really well for me even though I've never seen the source)

Feminism in MLP

Oct. 21st, 2017 09:55 am
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 I ran across this 2011 article today about how The My Little Pony universe is awesome in that all characters are mostly assumed to be female unless purposely defined as male.  It is also true that nearly all of the rulers are women.  I hadn't really thought much about that, but I am glad my girls have a fantasy world like this available to them.  The show is full of strong, well-defined women with essentially no focus on romance.  (Although I just watched an episode that I am fairly certain was supposed to be Fluttershy dating another girl but they never really come out and say that is what is happening.)

This article helped me feel a little better about the fact I am starting to be more fannish about this show.  Yes, it is made for kids but it is well done and has themes most shows don't deal with by creating a female dominated world.  It is refreshing to see some American made shows that don't fall back on either mostly male characters or female characters all worried about romance and/or frilly princesses.

Interestingly enough the show does have princesses but it focuses on the great responsibility that comes with the crown vs. just the pretty appeal.

I should mention Steven Universe has similar appeal.

Happy Birthdays!

Oct. 21st, 2017 05:53 pm
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Wishing a very Happy Birthday to [personal profile] a_phoenixdragon and [profile] earth_vexer!

Hope you are both having a great day. ♥
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Vid Title: Silver Moon, Black Dog
Vidder: [personal profile] thingswithwings
Fandom: Hogfather
Summary: Susan Sto Helit, governess. She saves the world. A lot.
Reccer's Comments: I love how this captures the story (and how awesome Susan is in it)!
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which I have been hiding from for nearly a year owing to its close temporal (and partially causal) association with my major mood dip at the start of the year.

Because I am in no way MASSIVELY AVOIDANT or anything, no why would you think that.

I will accept praise and validation.

Colossal Dreadmaw

Oct. 21st, 2017 12:00 pm
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Posted by Ejsing

By Jesper Ejsing

The latest set of Magic the gathering is out and it contains one of my favorite illustrations.
I was asked to do a huge T-Rex looking at a juicy pirate ship sailing on a jungle river. The Set is called Ixalan and is a world of colorful feathered dinosaurs vampires and pirates. 
I tried different versions of this illustration and ended up submitting 4 different compositions or thumb sketches if you´d like. They are very different.
1 is an establishing shot. The Dino and the ship have no interaction and everything seems to be taking place off to the right side. I was too carried away with doing a different take on a T-Rex so it ended up not looking like a T-Rex. 
2 I kind of like. It is a low angle perspective as if seen from the ship. I choose this angle to avoid having to portrait the whole ship and its crew looking up at the Dino because I needed him to be the main character. I really like it a lot because it has a feeling of being a snapshot taken right before the Dino snaps it jaws on the ship. A very impactful angle and a cool action piece. Only thing that bothered me a bit was that the ship only was a pair of sails on a mast and we did not see any water or river or anything and it was hard to se the size of the T-Rex because of the angle and not enough to measure him against. 
3 that’s why I tried a third version where the Dino was charging in from the side. I ended up disliking it. The ship seemed like a toy ship in a pond and the high angle made it look like a comic book panel rather than a cool illustration. Everything is too evenly placed around in the image making it boring. Aaaaand the Dino looks fat. 
4  The forth version was a different take. I always try to add some personality and character to the monsters I paint, and with this sketch I cleaned the table and started all over. My thoughts went to what went wrong in the last ones. I knew I wanted to center the important elements. I choose a low angle to avoid the feeling of a too well placed establishing shot. Also I needed a shot a bit more from away  to be able to have both the river, ship and T-Rex in the lense. What I really like about this composition is the overlapping ship in front of the T-Rex. I added tall sides of jungle cliff sides to frame the action. I like to use this effect to avoid the attention to drift around in the image. Also it makes it possible for me to create a strong triangle composition with the water surface as the bottom part or the triangle. One more thing that really appealed to me about this sketch was that the main figure was a light figure on a dark background. This is something I rarely chose for card illustration because it is harder to read in card size. I usually go for a strong dark silhouette to make sure you can see what is going on. 
I clearly asked for permission to paint the forth one and my art director agreed. So I went on to next stage and sketched the real drawing up on a watercolor board. When I started sketching I noticed the close interaction from the T-Rex and the ship and thought it would be even better if I added a lookout in the topmasts. It is always better to have a person in danger than an inanimate ship. Someone we as a spectator can read ourselves into. Also to enhance this I tried to make the Dino face more smiling and looking cruel at the same time. The way the head tilts comes from inspiration from birds like parrots. The eyes are placed to the side of the head so the need to turn the head sideways to look at a thing closely. That was the gesture I was going for. 

When I started greytoning the picture I slowly strayed away from the light Dino in a dark background. It turned out that I had a lot of different planes in the picture that needed to be clear from each other. I think of them as set pieces in a theater. The framing Cliffside are one plane, next is the ship. Behind the ship is a plane with the T-Rex and then the background. I needed the background to be light so I could use the 2 cliff sides as frames for the central focal point. So I made at least the edges of the T-Rex darker up against the background with a kind of projected light onto his face making him a lighter background fro the ship. 
I traded the original painting of the Dreadmaw for a
Black Lotus, a very old magic card from
Back in the days when I started playing Magic I had one in
1994 but sold it for 200$ so I could buy myself a
HVS Video Machine. 
The most difficult part of the painting was doing the face of the Dino. I knew I wanted his skin to be white with the coloring taken directly from an amazon Parrot. The different shifts of color in the maw and the drop shadow from his eyebrow down over his face was really hard to not make too dark. I try all the time to make my shadows lighter and lighter to make the image seems like it is a real lit environment. I struggle a lot with this coming from a comic book background where dark shadows and ink line is king. 
I used the strongest colors in the middle of the painting and in the focal area and used a mix of green bluish green and muddy brown everywhere else. Instead of doing a flat white or bluish water surface I went with an almost brown with only ripples and splashes in light. This is to avoid the water surface to be too prominent since I wanted the attention to be higher up with the face and the mast area. 

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i am literally having a conversation with tumblrbot rn. wtf.

i changed my chaos tumblr's name to lullabyforahelix, btw. i am now a tswift fanblog. i think.

i think i've already talked about ...ready for it?. but it is still a spectacular song. the "burton to this taylor" line still slays me.

4. how do you take your coffee/tea?

with a fUCKTON of sugar. about four times the about of sugar my mom takes. tea without milk, coffee with milk. i like black tea, sulaimani chai (lemon + honey + mint), ginger honey lemon tea, and orange+spice tisanes. i like citrusy flavours. green tea is gonna take me a while to get used to.

okay goodnight.

For the T (and the L) in LGBT+

Oct. 21st, 2017 04:25 pm
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Via Kerk, Her Story. Snippet that works as a trailer:

Her Story is a 6-episode new-media series that looks inside the dating lives of trans & queer women as they navigate the intersections of desire & identity.

Episode 1 here

have you ever

Oct. 21st, 2017 04:27 pm
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I'm currently trapped on the sofa between a hard drive and a music device and under a laptop and a cat. So here's a meme that came to me from Australia:

Had tattoos: No. I have the same problem with tattoos as with people asking for my favourite book/music/whatever - I can't decide.
Had surgery: Nope
Broken any bones: None
Shot a gun: Surprisingly, yes: target shooting, with air rifles, at the university gun club
Quit a job: Yes
Flown on a plane: Yes, many times. First time was 1988, when we went to Crete on our very first foreign holiday. I think the highest number of planes on a single holiday was 11, when we went to Vietnam and Cambodia in 1996.
Driven 100+ miles in car: It's hard to imagine the answer being 'no', though these days the majority of my journeys are short local ones.
Gone zip lining: About 10 years ago. (I was rubbish. I was also rubbish at abseiling.)
Watched someone give birth: No. That's another thing I'd be rubbish at. I have passed out at the sight of blood - some of it on TV - multiple times.
Watched someone dying: My Father. For a while. It look five days, and I was only there for one.
Ridden in an ambulance: Not an emergency one.

Travelled to:
US version
... Canada: Once, for fannish reasons (due South & C6D)
... to Europe: Yes
... to Washington D.C: No
... to Florida: No
... to Colorado: No
... to Mexico: No
... to Las Vegas: No.
UK version, suggested by peasant
... Scotland: Yes
... North America: Once for fannish reasons (SF)
... London: Yes, for work, friends, culture, arts, shopping
... Cornwall: Yes, while I was at Uni, with my then boyfriend
... Wales: Pretty much every year of my childhood for family holidays, and then 3 of the last 4 years with abrinsky, my brother, niece and nephew
... France: Twice, just on a day trip both times
... Monte Carlo: No
Australian version, suggested by dalmeny
... Tasmania: No
... Melbourne: Once for fannish reasons (SF)
... Canberra: No
... Far North Queensland: No
... the Centre: Yes
... the Top End: No

Sung karaoke: Absolutely not. It's on a list entitled 'You Can't Make Me, And If You Try I'll Leave'. See also: dancing.
Had a pet: Yes. Nine cats: Holmes, Watson, Molly, Tabitha, Lucy, Mina, Urvashi aka daFoof, Jia aka The Princess, Orwell. In that order. Lucy, The Princess, and Orwell are still with us.
Been downhill skiing: No, I'd be rubbish and probably break something
Gone snowboarding: No, I'd be rubbish and probably break something
Been able to read music: Once upon a time - played recorder, piano, cello, clarinet at various times at school - but don't know if I can still do it
Ridden a motorcycle: round a field solo; on the road only as a passenger
Ridden a horse: My best friend at school was obsessed with horses and I sometimes went riding with her. I've probably been on at least as many elephant rides, though. And the longest ride I've been on was 3 days on a camel in the Sahara.
Stayed in a hospital: No
Ridden in police car: No
Driven a boat: No
Seen a UFO: No
Been on a cruise: Not the holiday-on-a-giant-boat-with-lots-of-people kind, no. I've explored lots of places - cities and wilds - by boat: St Petersburg, Bangkok, down the Irrawaddy in Burma, loads of places in India, tributary of the Mekong in Lao, Vietnam, the Farne Islands, around various Greek islands
Run out of petrol: Once, while I was learning to drive, because I had a lousy instructor. Much more recently, I had to pull over and phone abrinsky to rescue me because otherwise I was going to run out before I reached a petrol station.
Eaten sushi: Yes; omonomnom
Seen a ghost: No

(Edited freely for grammar/consistency)


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