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If you're wondering who this person with the snake icon is who's just added you, hi! I'm Krait, and there's a 99% probability that I have/had you friended over on LJ, and have removed you there in the process of trying to shift my fannish activity to DW.

Feel free to add or remove or ignore me, as you please; my access policy is best characterised as "so laid-back I'm nearly horizontal", and I do not keep track of who lists me where.

Further pruning may occur once I have everything transferred; for now I'm more intent on getting the basic as-is flist transferred off of LJ so that I can see who (if anyone) is only available there.

Please also feel free to comment on this entry if you wish to prod me, poke me, or question me as to my fandom details, my relevance to your DW circle, or whatever!

*Edited on 5/12/2012 to reflect name changes*
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It is extremely difficult to read smutty channish PWP fanfic when your housemate (whose hair would probably fall out in shock of she caught a glimpse of your reading material) is sitting two feet away and will not leave!

Argh. Must find job and obtain solitary living quarters! (Good reason to stop reading smut and start mailing resumes... Perhaps this is my Grand Cosmic Hint?)
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The lovely and talented [ profile] rainjoyous gave me three association prompts:

FMA, naturally. )

well-thought-through comments )

And, and. Snakes? )

I guess I should do that "ask me anything" meme next, so you can have more things to associate me with. *grins*
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For Gods To Menace Fools has been lurking in my recs folder, getting buried and uncovered several times because, erm, because my organisation skills register in the negative scale. :D If I'd given it a proper title, I probably wouldn't have kept overlooking it... It's certainly not a story that ought to be overlooked! Eodrakken manages a post-HBP Remus who is all too human: tired, grieving, and uncertain, and not above petty sniping at the wrong target. Harry comes to say goodbye, and instead finds something unexpected. I love most the unplanned feeling of the sex, and the sort of quiet, melancholy mood of this story; Eodrakken keeps everyone in character, and manages everything within the canon of HBP, as well.

Since at least one of you has suggested :D that I make real-life posts as well as recs, I have to tell you about this. I work in a company that ships things; I'm one of the linemen, the ones who load the packages. Contrary to any expectations you might have, package damage is not uncommon; in fact, it's pretty much a constant. :D Mostly, though, the things that spill out are pretty boring: advertising pamphlets, mechanical parts, pill bottles, and lots and lots of packing peanuts.

Today, however, was something else entirely. Today it was a dildo that made a bid for freedom. Bright translucent pink, ten or twelve inches long, double-headed, and probably two inches thick; not your run of the mill sex toy. :D It was gaily waved about, laughed over, shown to everyone in the area, and then sent off for repackaging. I hope the gentleman or lady who receives it doesn't find out, although I'm sure they'll notice that it's been torn and taped back up. So much for discreet, unlabeled packaging. ((Dies laughing))
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So, over in [ profile] resonant8's journal, there's a pseudonym poll where you can tell the world about your personal fannish nomenclature.

Even more interesting are the comments, which contain a lot of stories of how the names came to be. Go and add your own story!


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