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Written by the marvelous [ profile] icarusancalion, this is a "HP/SS gen" drabble. (I suppose I'll double-file it.) It's a wonderful take on the old "X and Y are locked up together" plot, and their answer is priceless. :D
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All right, hurry over and read "Fixing", by [ profile] copperbadge! It's just a short, gen, Remus-and-Harry post-OOTP story, but it's also a beautiful and subtly deep look at both characters. I am (almost) ashamed to say that one particular line had me blinking back tears; the end left a hopeful little smile on my lips.
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Ack! My list of recs to post has grown ridiculously long whilst real life pummeled me into the ground these past weeks.

In celebration of The Paper being completed, I give you Monsters, by Gloria Mundi. Gen Pirates fic, with a marvelous view into Jack Sparrow's skull as he duels with Barbossa in the cavern. (Ha ha, yes, "skull" = pun intended. I = dork.) Gloria puts into words all the things I was thinking and noting during that scene; Jack's brilliant grasp of exactly where to prod people, the look upon the dying Barbossa's face, the questions of immortality and, perhaps, Will's ultimate choice. Short and deep, not to mention beautiful writing and an eerie mimicry of what I found mysejf thinking during the film.
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First Signs of Magic asks the question we all too often overlook when it comes to Muggleborn Hogwarts students-- just how did the family take it when their child suddenly turns out to be something from a sci-fi film? What if both parents are logical, science-grounded dentists who've not the slightest idea what to do with a child who can make objects move? "First Signs of Magic" is a neat look at a possible background for Hermione, as well as offering a solution to the question of "What do wizards do when a Muggle child shows magic?"
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I just ran across an old favourite-- Nym's short but sweet "Disposal", in which a young Remus Lupin learns a lesson about werewolves, and a lesson about friends. Gen, Marauders-era short story that makes you smile and, subtly, makes you cringe, thinking about what Remus faces every day of his life.
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Sparrohawk's "The Way of All Flesh" is an intriguing Snape-centric ficlet! There's a subtle sort of irony to it, because of course we know ... Well. You can go read it and find out. :)
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While sorting out my links today, I found a fic I obviously had meant to rec. ""Binding", by Kanzeyori, is maybe PG at most, and probably G, but there's such a wealth of feeling, of heart and heartache, beneath the short, seemingly simple action the story revolves around. Pirates, and scars, and Will and Elizabeth, with a tad bit of rum.

I'm glad to have rediscovered Kanzeyori-- expect further recs!

Find the story here.
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Pirates of the Caribbean, this time! Sleeps With Coyotes was busy while I wasn't looking! "Depth" is not terribly long, but manages to evoke all the right moods, and answer all the questions that bubble up at the end of the movie; after all, if the sea is in one's blood, can you deny it? His vision of the world changed drastically, Will must decide if it can be re-forged, or if he must.


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