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So for Christmas, I finally got round to digging up all the old photos of trips I had taken with a friend back in 2012; this involved digging up the converted-to-external hard drive of my computer from that era and browsing through it.

(I'm organised, in my own very unique way. But it's the kind of way where four years later my filing system may defeat rational analysis, and "where did I put that? What did I NAME the folder for that?!" is a common refrain.)

While I was doing this, I of course ended up browsing through a lot of other stuff as well, including a whole bunch of my earliest fandom-related folders, when I was just a young serpent learning how this whole 'online fandom' thing worked; I've got canon materials, fan art, LJ icons, drabbles I was working on, and miscellaneous tangential materials all saved together in a jumble. (This post was almost a "political cartoons about Harry Potter" post. Why do I have so many of them? Why were there so many of them? One forgets just how much of a sensation HP was, until things like this crop up to remind one!)

Anyway! I felt such a wave of fandom nostalgia while going through this stuff. So many names I remember: Snaples, Brevisse, Seviet, Lizard, Raven Dunbar, Dovie, sine_qua_non767, Nimori, wikdsushi, Telanu, amethyst_lupin, Donna Bond, Gwyllion, Yukipon, Cybele... I remember them all so fondly, and can't help wondering where they are now, and missing them, and just generally missing the way fandom was, in those days. We were all so joyfully talkative, the fic and art and meta and casual LJ posts just pouring out of us! They felt like friends, though we never met in person.

(A few of you are still around! Hi, [personal profile] isis and [personal profile] dementordelta! There's fanart for your fics stored on my external hard drive and it gave me so many lovely feelings to see it again!)

Seeing "c.2003" and "[name] '04" on so much stuff is kind of mind-boggling, too, because I'm not a person who Has Skills when it comes to tracking time; I joke about being an Old Fan, but it's still a little bit shocking to realise that I was downloading explicit fanworks in a year when half of Homestuck fandom was in elementary school. And HP fandom wasn't my first fandom, but it does seem to be the first one where there was a wealth of fan-created artwork as well as fic - especially explicit fanart. One day I should put together a timeline!

It's really interesting, looking back at it so discretely; one notices trends and little signs of the times... The aforementioned increase in fan art generally, and in explicit fan art. A huge amount of fan art done in traditional media, with all the little things that go with it: handwritten captions and speech in comics, scanner blur. Long-URL personal websites under the artist's signature. Lots of meta-jokes about fandom itself.

Anyway, this post doesn't really have a point. I just tripped over some old fandom stuff and fell headlong into ~~emotions~~ and wanted to fling names out into the void in the faintest hope that they might not be gone forever; someone might know where (and who) they are these days, and pass the word that someone still thinks of them and their work from time to time.

Tell me about your old fandoms, and whether you ever peek into the souvenirs of your past fannish days!
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This meme stolen from [personal profile] melannen and [personal profile] extrapenguin, to help repair the lack of posts in my journal lately.

21 Questions, With Answers! )
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This prompt came from [personal profile] seerofbread: "Titles/categories from fandoms that you apply to yourself. (For example, what Hogwarts house would you be in, or do you even think/care about those things?)"

Read more... )

It's not something I don't think about, because an instinctive part of me wants to be involved in any canon I'm serious about, and that includes "where do I fit in"-type assessments like this, not to mention that it's hard to avoid as a side-thought when doing related types of meta (character analysis, or contrasting the different categories, etc.)! However, it's not something I get deathly serious about, either; I generally prefer to lavish the lion's share of my fannish brain capacity on other forms of meta. But everybody has that thinly veiled self insert OC deep inside them.

What about you, readers? What categories from fandom have you considered, applied, or rejected?
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This prompt from [personal profile] isis was a wonderful exercise in greed: "Design the perfect canon for you from scratch! What is it about? SF, historical, fantasy? Is it a tv series or a book series or a comic series or a game or....something else?"

A tough one! )
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What a great prompt from [personal profile] boxofdelights: "Tell me about a book that you loved when you were a child, that you would still recommend today."

This was in many ways a tough choice, because I read a lot as a kid, and a lot of my reading material was formative for me in some way! I ended up including both my choice and a runner-up.

I read a lot of award-winning fiction when I was a kid! )
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My prompt for the 14th was: "What's your take on the whole Vanyel legend/story? What upsets you the most about it?" Thanks, [personal profile] kowe!

There are really two parts to this prompt; Vanyel's legend, and Vanyel's story! In canon, these things definitely differ, so I shall try to address both.

Stories become legends, legends become fanfic. )
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My prompt for the 13th was supplied by [personal profile] blnchflr, who asked me to talk about "Characters who are Good whom you like (unless you don't like any Good characters)."

I spent about three days trying to work out an answer to this one, only to belatedly realise that I may be overthinking it -- I kept trying to figure out the difference between good and Good, and it only occurred to me yesterday that maybe the uppercase was just an attempt to distinguish "a morally good character" from "a good character" in the sense of well-written. *facepalming* [personal profile] blnchflr, feel free to chime in with your intentions!

Some thoughts below the cut! )

Well, that got long, and kind of turned into a "discuss two tropes you've grown to hate" meta more so than one on good characters and goodness! Sorry. *sheepish* In summary: I have a lot of ~feelings~ about the notion of "Good People" and characters who think they belong in that category, most of which are bound up in the very shallow, platitude-y way that many canons apply it.

Edit: Just discovered my HTML was borked, and half this entry never showed up! Welp. Fixed now, and I did a bunch of editing, too. Hope somebody notices!
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Today's prompt comes from [personal profile] edenfalling, and is technically Tuesday's prompt: Do your fannish reading and writing interests always overlap? If not, is there any pattern to their intersection or lack thereof?

This was tricky! )

This is a HUGE topic, and I'm trying to keep this entry from becoming so large it collapses under its own weight, so jump in and ask for clarifications if I've muddled something. Or tell me what your own reading and/or writing hot-buttons are, and whether they share certain features and how they diverge!
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Looping back today to cover my prompt for the 1st, which I forgot about. (It's oddly appropriate, considering the topic! This is a fandom that delights in screwing with the temporal dimensions of any number of realities!)

Prompt by Edenfalling: How did you get into Homestuck? )

Tell me how you got into Homestuck, if you are! Or talk to me about backwards fandoms: have you ever entered a fandom backwards? How long did it take, and how hard was it?
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Starting this meme off the right way by completely forgetting I had a prompt for the 1st, heh. Oh, well; I have a prompt for today, so I'll move the missed one to the 3rd.

Prompt by Toft: Thoughts on Valdemar and the Companions soulbonding system! )
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I just discovered [personal profile] fandomthennow/Fandom Then/Now, the dissertation project of Katherine Morrissey, who is comparing her Master's thesis research data from 2008 - shortly before the release of the Archive of Our Own - with new data, post-LJ and AO3.

If you would like to comment, visit the Fandom Then/Now site and check it out! If you'd like to help spread word of the project, you can link to the Dreamwidth account, LiveJournal account, Twitter link, and/or Tumblr account!

Important details, including how to have your identity screened or submit comments via an alterate method, can be found at the Identity Protection page.
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This week I keep running into people on Tumblr ~*~lamenting~*~ how Tumblr is so hard to have fannish conversations on, how the old LJ/webring/whatever days were so much more interconnected, how much harder it is to find stuff or keep stuff on Tumblr, how it's harder to control who sees what and thus some stuff has to go unsaid, how deeply they wish they could tell people "I liked that" or "I feel that way, too" and talk to people like they used to...

and they're posting this on Tumblr.


Ahem. Sorry 'bout that. But it really does drive me up the wall; I want to shout at them, "The power is within your grasp!" Crying about it on the very platform guaranteed not to open a meaningful dialogue about it suggests to me that you don't actually want those things, you just... I dunno, actually. Want to feel sad for a while, and any cause will do? Want to brag about how Experienced In Fandom you are? Are having a bout of I'm old and nobody understands and couldn't resist whining?

Why would you complain (in some posters' cases, deeply and comprehensively) about how hard it is to do fandom now that it's (partly) on Tumblr, and then proceed to ignore any of the ways you could fight the shift/help the parts that aren't there?

Nobody says you have to pick Just One Place to be fannish in! Crossposting is a thing that can happen. For that matter, use one as a simple alert system for the other -- remember how we used to do fake LJ-cuts for outside links? Yeah. Post somewhere that allows for discussion, and then make some fake Read-Mores on your Tumblr that link to your LJ, or whatever you use! If your Tumblr posts are generally short, do a "daily roundup", ML digest style, to consolidate them in one DW post.

There are tonnes of ways to be interactive, not just whatever it was you used Back When Everything Was Great. But if all you do is use the "most popular" option, then you should stop complaining about it -- you're part of why The Ways We Used Before aren't as active, and it makes you look disingenuous at best.

NB: Yes, I really am done complaining now. I really appreciate all of the people who don't do this sort of thing, y'know -- thank you, all of you who continue to use other platforms for fannishness because you prefer that communication style! People who know what they want and refuse to follow the crowd when it makes them unhappy are people I'm happy to read and squee with. ♥

NB2: The fake-readmores thing is something I've been vaguely considering doing with my own DW for a while now, actually! Anybody with more familiarity with Tumblr want to chime in with whether this seems feasible? (I know I post infrequently; would I be seen at all, or would I be swept away in the jetstream too quickly?)
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Possibly one of the most useful features of a sci-fi/fantasy fandom: it's really easy to weed out fics you don't want to read, just by checking to see which ones can't spell the fandom-specific made-up words correctly. Kismesitude? Paidi Aiji? Valdemarian? NOPE, sorry, no +1 hit count for you!

(Also useful in these fandoms: excluding "human AU" from your search results; but that's another rant for a different day.)
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...Post 2 hasn't happened yet, but it will. *wry*

Today's (okay, yesterday's) prompt was from [personal profile] meicdon13: "Why snakes?"

The answer is: lots of reasons! )
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I was cruising past some Homestuck blogs on Tumblr, and apparently there's a meme (or maybe it was just an ask; I don't do Tumblr) about "common Homestuck headcanons you don't subscribe to" and the person discussed 'grubloaf/grubsauce is made from troll grubs' fanon. According to her, it felt too anvilicious; like being beaten over the head with how troll culture is WRONG and HORRIBLE, and also as though someone's trying too hard to gross people out.

This made me double-take and then giggle because it's a fanon I've encountered a lot and, while it's not my personal headcanon either, it never gave me the feeling that it was supposed to be a squick attempt or a commentary on troll culture! It's always weird to re-remember that my reactions to cannibalism aren't the norm.

Maybe it's my biology geek showing through (plenty of species eat their offspring/siblings!) or maybe it's just my pragmatic attitude to food (if it's tasty, eat it), but when I encounter the troll-grubs-as-food fanon I just sort of... accept it? It's not horrific to me, so it never felt like "let me show you how BAD trolls are!"; likewise, it's not gross to me, so it never struck me as "are you making gagging noises yet?" either. More or less I treat it the same as any other popular bit of fanon I don't personally subscribe to, e.g. neck gills on seadwellers. If asked, I'll explain why it's not my headcanon, but otherwise? So long as the author isn't egregiously fail!splaining it in-story and forcing me to remember why I don't believe it, I can fit it into my mental framework for the duration of the fic and not think about it.

In sum: "Grubloaf is made from grubs!" doesn't ping me in any moral spectrum or in my gastroesophageal reflexes, and sometimes I get reminded how weird that makes me. :D

(For non-Homestuck people: trolls are an alien species that hatch out as insect-like grubs, which later pupate into more humanoid shape to continue development. They seem to be a r-strategist species, at least insofar as requiring little parental care and reproducing - one infers - in large numbers, many of which never make it to their first pupation.)
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AKA "fabulous meta on the Alternian language, with some elements I had already considered", AKA "Headcanon: Accepted" AKA "YES THIS!!"

I love all of these people. (Okay, I'm only distantly familiar with Ashkatom, and not at all with Daemoninwhite, but everyone else is somebody whose blog I pay regular attention to, and now you know why!)

Transcript of Tumblr conversation under the cut: )
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Dear Homestuck authors:

If you are writing an all-human AU, please tag your fic with that!

Hint: tagging it with plain old "AU", or any subcategory thereof (such as "college AU") does not remove the need for a "Humanstuck" tag.


P.S. - I realise this is a matter of personal taste, but why do you all write so much humanstuck fic?! Your fic would be a thousand times better if it were, say, a coffee shop AU or college AU or rock band AU, or whatever, and did that without ducking out of the issues that come along with mixing two disparate cultures and species! Call me a one-trick pony, but watching humans and trolls pair up and accomplish life goals is ever so much more interesting when you don't take away two-thirds of the potential conflict before the story even starts.


P.P.S - Star Trek fandom, this goes for you, too. (I haven't been reading you nearly as much, lately, but that may change when/if I see the movie, so you can't hide forever!)
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I'm having an awful week with regards to finding out that fic I love has been hiatus'd/discontinued/abandoned... and I'm not saying anything further, because most of the authors are part of the Tumblr crowd and that seems to be the HQ of I'm A Delicate Snowflake How Dare You Say Anything About My Fic Are You Pressuring Me Everyone's So Mean I Wish All My Readers Were Unable To Communicate With Me At All.

There are several people on Tumblr who don't fall into that category, of course; and I would like to be friends with them/comment to them/babble excited feedback in their virtual ears! But they're on Tumblr, where it's impossible to start a 'conversation' more complex than a 500-character, no-line-separation anonymous ask. *sadfaces*

Also I'm just feeling old, because I still cannot figure out the point of Tumblr -- like, how is it satisfying to just... what, collect a random stream of images and 'reblog this if' memes? What does that do for Tumblr users that I'm not grasping, because to me it's roughly analogous to saying that your hobby is cutting random pages out of magazines. Not articles, or not mostly; not special-interest magazines on topics you enjoy; just grabbing a big handful of random magazines from a dentist's office recycling bin and pulling out random pages to keep. Some stuff's from 2008, some stuff's fun to read, but most of it's just advertising or out-of-context pictures without context. And you spend hours doing this, then for a break you go look through the cutout piles of twenty other people. [/oldfan]

I suspect a third of this annoyance I'm feeling is really me redirecting my frustration at my current painting project, and/or the tension of fighting with the new laptop for hours to get everything set up and copied over and reset and such. Doesn't make me feel better, though.
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I really want to do one of those "ten things I keep in mind when writing that character" memes, but alas! I do not write enough characters, and anyway a lot of them overlap because let's face it, I'm all about the background culture of characters and the worldbuilding. Is there a "ten things I keep in mind/assume are true when writing that fandom" meme?

Lately my life has just been full of delicious, thoughtful discussions of my various headcanons (particularly in Homestuck, but just this evening I got to briefly wax elated on the subject of Loveless!), and/or seen fic or fic prompts that fall within my headcanons; I have this vague urge to write them all out and hope that discussion ensues, but I'm not sure I could muster them all together without forgetting half of them, referencing a bunch of stuff I've started writing but not shared anywhere, and/or breaking DW via flagrant disregard for word limits. :D

I'm putting the 'meta' tag on this anyway, just in case something interesting does happen in the comments! /optimist


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