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I generally keep my real life out of my fandom, but I feel like the new year is a good time to cross the streams and provide a bit of a general "state of the Krait" update.

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I went out today and bought the next volume of Fullmetal Alchemist!

...Or so I thought.

Instead, I bought the same volume that I bought a month ago, so I have no new FMA to read today after all, and I'll need to go back to the bookshop to get the correct volume. (That, however, is probably going to be a project for tomorrow.)

To make matters worse, my plan was to buy FMA along with the next Foreigner novel! Only the bookshop didn't have the newest Foreigner, so I left with just the FMA.

I think that *facepalming* is the only appropriate phrase for my current level of chagrin.
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It is absolutely pouring down rain! I have tea and nostalgia!fic, though, so it's not all bad. The nostalgia!fic bender started a few days ago, and is still going strong.

Today's nostalgia!fic of choice: Gundam Wing, heavy on the Treize/Zechs. Between this and the Fullmetal Alchemist re-watching, I'm really craving more slashfics with a commanding officer/subordinate officer pairing; recs, anyone?
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Well, I'm falling behind on my resolution to post more, already; fandoms to the rescue!

Guess who just got Kings Rising and devoured it in a matter of hours? That's right, this snake! What a great finale - the juxtapositions went a fair way toward letting everyone have some "resolved" feelings about their past conflicts.

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I've also been rewatching the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime lately, and have just about decided - after browsing a whole lot of fic and having to skim over all the manga-verse and Brotherhood-verse choices - that it's time to pick up one or both of those, too. There's just not enough fic, especially longfic, for the 2003-verse! Not sure yet which I'll go for first; it'll probably come down to "whom do I know that will loan me theirs" and/or "which can I manage to download first." So we'll see!

Fellow FMA fans on my flist, which did you like best? Where would you recommend starting? Do you have any fic recs for me, either for now (from 2003-verse) or for later (after I've started the manga/Brotherhood)? I can hardly wait to have another thing to squee about!
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The lovely and talented [ profile] rainjoyous gave me three association prompts:

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I guess I should do that "ask me anything" meme next, so you can have more things to associate me with. *grins*
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This post was made for [ profile] painless_j, but because I subscribe to the theory that it's better to do a thing once and well, it contains ALL of my Roy/Ed recs, including those I know J has already read, the better to serve as my own personal bookshelf and a rec list for others.

Warnings, disclaimers, notes, and other miscellany:

I should perhaps warn that many of these are AU-from-the-movie, because the movie breaks my stupid little heart and I prefer to pretend it doesn't exist.

I have not read every fic by every author; ergo, that I have recced one thing by Author X but not another may mean that I liked the former and not the latter, or that I simply haven't read the latter, and thus have no opinion.

Edward Elric, in canon, is 12-16 years old. This means that in a lot of fic, Edward is 12-16 whilst Having Feelings For someone. I do not warn for underage-ness unless Ed's in the lower half of that range.

Other miscellaneous quirks:
* I detest fangirl-Japanese, and won't rec fics where everyone is "Taisa" and "nii-san" and "Edward-kun"; likewise I hit Back immediately upon encountering "Edo" and "Aru", so if there are any really brilliant fics out there that use these, they will not be recced here.
* I'm dreadful at summaries, so I just tried to keep them short; please don't put too much weight on them.
* I have tried to warn for the timeline status of things, but reserve the right to have goofed up in places.
* I have included Al/Roy/Ed in this Roy/Ed post.
* I do not use the "name order conventions" common in anime fandoms; "Roy/Ed" does not imply any particular sexual role for each character.
* I hope you enjoy it! I am amazed at how much I found once I started digging through my folders... :D

Let the recs begin! )

Next post: recs for other pairings; gen fic; character-centric fic.


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