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I generally keep my real life out of my fandom, but I feel like the new year is a good time to cross the streams and provide a bit of a general "state of the Krait" update.

Bullet points?

* In the last year, my life has changed a lot! I have purchased a house, moved into said house, adopted two cats, and come to the conlusion that I must get a better job this year, as quickly as possible.

* I am Not Good at the things that everyone says you need to do to get a new job, so this is a cause of low-key panic, avoidance, and self-blame depending on the day.

* What with the new house and all, I don't have internet set up! I've been using a wi-fi hotspot since my parents have a password for it, but some days it's fine and other days it takes three hours to load a single page. There's no way to predict which way it will be at any given time I open the laptop, either, so when it does work I have to prioritise Important Real Life things like checking on my bank balance. Or playing DragonCave.

* Given all of the above, my writing is very sporadic; mostly, it isn't happening. Having an unfinished WIP hanging around on AO3 is another source of low-key panic and blame, so I guess I have learnt a lesson from that experiment. I want to finish it! I just am not in the porning place right now, and haven't been in a while. :/

* I'm still reading fic! Fanfiction, it turns out, is even better with toasty-warm kitties piled on your lap. :D Sorry for my lack of comments, authors; I've been reading a lot of downloaded PDFs, given the unstable internet, so I can't even kudos when I want to. Once I've got the internet situation resolved, I definitely intend to make good on my intentions of commenting. (This is a thing I want to do in general - I used to be a good commenter! Somehow that stopped, and I don't like it.)

* Politically, this is also a tough time for me. I work for a nonprofit, so I do not have health care except through the ACA; if I lose that, I've got nothing. Add to this my pretty tight financial situation, and it probably makes sense that I sort of instinctively flinch and hiss upon hearing the name of the upcoming POTUS. (Whom both my parents voted for, so it's added a thread of underlying tension to every interaction with them, too.)

* None of which is to say that I am broke or in dire need! There isn't a house in this city I could rent for what I pay on my mortgage - which is one reason I bought a house. :D However, in the long term my income is definitely inadequate, in the sense that if several major appliances broke down, I or the cats had a serious medical emergency, my vehicle had an accident that destroyed it, etc. it would wipe me out. Which is why finding a new job needs to be a priority for me this year - ultimately, I'm sick and tired of working a job that refuses to pay me a living wage and doesn't provide benefits, and the longer I settle for this, the more likely it is that the luck will run out.

* Fandomwise, I'm still floating around. I'm mostly reading in Fullmetal Alchemist, MCU, Captive Prince, some Homestuck, and a bit of Gundam Wing and Temeraire and Vorkosigan. Haven't had a chance to dive into all the new Yuletidefic yet, but I'm really looking forward to it!

* Once I've got internet set up, I'm toying with the idea of trying Yuri on Ice, since everybody seems so excited about it.

* Expect cat pictures at some future date. :D
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