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Aaaaaah, I really need to get back in the habit of posting!

Given how utterly fed up I am with having inadequate Internet access, hopefully soon I'll have a better connection and thus fewer excuses to not post.


Mar. 20th, 2017 05:38 pm
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Sorry for the quiet lately; the free internet isn't being very cooperative during the times I'm most inclined to get online.

Anyway - I've been rereading the Temeraire series, because I just purchased the last book and it's been a while. Still adore them! How are all these characters so good?! Novik really has a knack for making characters who are real people, and also for remembering her setting at all times so that her characters are intrinsically a part of it.

I want to ramble a whole lot more, especially about how much I love Tharkay, but the library is freezing me to death and also I need to obtain potting soil before dark. When I've finished the whole series, though, expect chatter and squee and (hopefully) fic recs! :D
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So for Christmas, I finally got round to digging up all the old photos of trips I had taken with a friend back in 2012; this involved digging up the converted-to-external hard drive of my computer from that era and browsing through it.

(I'm organised, in my own very unique way. But it's the kind of way where four years later my filing system may defeat rational analysis, and "where did I put that? What did I NAME the folder for that?!" is a common refrain.)

While I was doing this, I of course ended up browsing through a lot of other stuff as well, including a whole bunch of my earliest fandom-related folders, when I was just a young serpent learning how this whole 'online fandom' thing worked; I've got canon materials, fan art, LJ icons, drabbles I was working on, and miscellaneous tangential materials all saved together in a jumble. (This post was almost a "political cartoons about Harry Potter" post. Why do I have so many of them? Why were there so many of them? One forgets just how much of a sensation HP was, until things like this crop up to remind one!)

Anyway! I felt such a wave of fandom nostalgia while going through this stuff. So many names I remember: Snaples, Brevisse, Seviet, Lizard, Raven Dunbar, Dovie, sine_qua_non767, Nimori, wikdsushi, Telanu, amethyst_lupin, Donna Bond, Gwyllion, Yukipon, Cybele... I remember them all so fondly, and can't help wondering where they are now, and missing them, and just generally missing the way fandom was, in those days. We were all so joyfully talkative, the fic and art and meta and casual LJ posts just pouring out of us! They felt like friends, though we never met in person.

(A few of you are still around! Hi, [personal profile] isis and [personal profile] dementordelta! There's fanart for your fics stored on my external hard drive and it gave me so many lovely feelings to see it again!)

Seeing "c.2003" and "[name] '04" on so much stuff is kind of mind-boggling, too, because I'm not a person who Has Skills when it comes to tracking time; I joke about being an Old Fan, but it's still a little bit shocking to realise that I was downloading explicit fanworks in a year when half of Homestuck fandom was in elementary school. And HP fandom wasn't my first fandom, but it does seem to be the first one where there was a wealth of fan-created artwork as well as fic - especially explicit fanart. One day I should put together a timeline!

It's really interesting, looking back at it so discretely; one notices trends and little signs of the times... The aforementioned increase in fan art generally, and in explicit fan art. A huge amount of fan art done in traditional media, with all the little things that go with it: handwritten captions and speech in comics, scanner blur. Long-URL personal websites under the artist's signature. Lots of meta-jokes about fandom itself.

Anyway, this post doesn't really have a point. I just tripped over some old fandom stuff and fell headlong into ~~emotions~~ and wanted to fling names out into the void in the faintest hope that they might not be gone forever; someone might know where (and who) they are these days, and pass the word that someone still thinks of them and their work from time to time.

Tell me about your old fandoms, and whether you ever peek into the souvenirs of your past fannish days!
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I generally keep my real life out of my fandom, but I feel like the new year is a good time to cross the streams and provide a bit of a general "state of the Krait" update.

Bullet points? Bullet points. )
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The cards and/or tea request is still open!

I make no guarantees that your item(s) will arrive before Dec. 25, but what's in a date? :D Gifts are nice to receive all year round, so if you're feeling belated please don't hesitate to sign up anyway!
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Hard as it is to believe, it's time once again for my holiday tradition of sending out cards and tea to all of the lovely people who make this corner of fandom an excellent place to hang out!

Poll #17787 Holiday Cards & Tea
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 6

Card and tea?

Card and tea!
6 (100.0%)

Card only!
0 (0.0%)

If you chose "card and tea": flavour preferences?

To what address should I send it?

If you have any allergies, flavours you can't stand, or other requests, this year I've added a field for those in the poll. Or you can drop them in a comment, whichever you prefer. I generally send a mix of mostly black teas, and a mix of card designs, but I do have other options if you would rather I exclude a certain subcategory (e.g. "only decaffeinated or low-caffeine teas" or "nothing with mint"). This goes for cards, too; "I'd prefer a Hannukah card" or "I'd like a non-holiday card" are perfectly valid options.

Some of you lovely people send me cards and/or tea in return, too, so I'll go ahead and note: any kind of card is fine! I mainly drink black teas (white is good, too!), but I've never been able to enjoy vanilla/chocolate, licorice, or sweet-fruity (mango, strawberry, etc. - citrus, currant, or other tart flavours are OK!) flavours in tea. My address has changed this year! Please let me know if you're intending to send something, so I can give you the new address!
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I've been quiet lately; sorry! Things haven't worked out quite as planned. I signed up for NaNo, but it's not going well (combination of world events sapping my will to write, and more mundane things frittering away my time).

Currently I'm without internet access unless I haul my laptop to my parents' house or to the library. I hope to correct this situation soon, but I am Officially Terrible at anything requiring me to make phone calls, so it's taken (and is taking) longer than anticipated. With luck, though, I'll get it sorted out sometime this week or next, and be back amongst you!


Oct. 17th, 2016 08:50 pm
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So I'm thinking about doing NaNo this year! It'd be my first effort, but I'm beginning to believe that nothing else will ever force me to finish the WIP I made the mistake of posting on AO3 last year, and I can't bear the shame of ending another year without a new work posted!

People who have done NaNo before, tell me about it? Or just urge me on with false assurances of easy success, whichever. :D
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Shamelessly stolen from [personal profile] cypher and [personal profile] recessional. Leave a number (or two!) in a comment. Then copy/paste to your own journal if you want people to ask you questions.

21 questions about fics and writing, below the cut. )
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This meme stolen from [personal profile] melannen and [personal profile] extrapenguin, to help repair the lack of posts in my journal lately.

21 Questions, With Answers! )
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A photo post, because why not?

Here's my current in-progress reading materials. (You can see how far I've progressed on each, too! ...As well as my complete inability to use any of the dozens of Actual Bookmarks I own.)

Laurie R. King, The Beekeeper's Apprentice. - Reread. I'm going to buy myself the latest ones in the series for my birthday, so a whole-series reread seemed in order!
Mary Gentle, Grunts. - New. I seem to have stalled out; it's been over a month since I picked it up.
Hiromu Arakawa, Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 13+14+15. - I stopped for a few weeks, but I'm feeling the love again!
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. - I intend to do a reread of the entire series; finished HP&PS last month but lost this one for a while. I'm reminded that this is the book I almost quit the series after, back in the day! For some reason it's slow going for me.
Patricia McKillip, The Bards of Bone Plain. - New. Loving it! This is one of the authors I always rec to people as underappreciated fantasy writers/underappreciated female authors of fantasy. Gorgeous language and beautiful interwoven plots.

What are you reading, flist?
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I went out today and bought the next volume of Fullmetal Alchemist!

...Or so I thought.

Instead, I bought the same volume that I bought a month ago, so I have no new FMA to read today after all, and I'll need to go back to the bookshop to get the correct volume. (That, however, is probably going to be a project for tomorrow.)

To make matters worse, my plan was to buy FMA along with the next Foreigner novel! Only the bookshop didn't have the newest Foreigner, so I left with just the FMA.

I think that *facepalming* is the only appropriate phrase for my current level of chagrin.


Jun. 13th, 2016 08:06 pm
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I have a 3rd gen Thalassa Xenowyrm from a nice checker lineage that I'm offering for trade. (Male Silver x Female Thalassa.) It's been influenced to continue the checker. I figured you guys might like a chance at it, too.

Here's a link.

I'd be happy to have a couple of Aria hatchlings, any lineage, in exchange for it. Or a couple of Magi hatchlings, ditto.
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After neglecting to look at the Tumblr experiment for about a fortnight, today I tried to log in.

I have forgotten my password.
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Why does desire to read fanfiction wax and wane in inverse proportion to the number of important real-life tasks one needs to accomplish?

(Icon!Ed wishes Mustang assigned him more fanfiction.)
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This has been cracking me up all night: When engineers are bored.
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So, late the other night, in a fit of combined whimsy and frustration, I did a thing.

I do not plan on posting anything! I'm just using it to read people whom I cannot read at DW, or who post much more content on Tumblr than on DW. Plus, having a username means I can finally contact Tumblrites who don't have anonymous asks enabled.

Expect much panic, because this platform confuses me greatly. You don't even want to know how long it took me to figure out how to put an icon on there! And I still don't know how to make a profile/about-me/whatever you call it... I settled for a text post, as a placeholder.
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It occurs to me that I never posted anything about having seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, despite having seen it twice.

Primarily because it was a very enjoyable movie... and my reaction was completely unfannish. The force did not awaken for me. The visuals were very nice, well matched to the original, and Rey was a delightfully cheerful and wide-eyed character whose adventures I enjoyed seeing unfold! But apparently that's not enough for whatever tiny midichlorian particle is responsible for creating the urge to join a fandom, and it hasn't happened to me.

Almost by accident, I have read maybe three fics, one of which I did end up in love with: have you heard by peradi. I love stories that explore the intersection of language and culture/language and thought, so the draw is less here's a Star Wars fic than it is here's a really cool story about telling stories. I do think it stands up as a Star Wars fic, too, though! So if you like fics about how stories shape and transmit our worldview and our (counter)culture, check it out. :D

Other than that, I'm somewhat sad that fandom limerence did not happen for me, but not overly surprised (Things Krait has learnt about herself: movies rarely produce the fannish urge.) and everybody else should carry on posting and squeeing and discussing and ficcing about it!

Tag not quite applicable, but it's the only Star Wars tag I have...
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It is absolutely pouring down rain! I have tea and nostalgia!fic, though, so it's not all bad. The nostalgia!fic bender started a few days ago, and is still going strong.

Today's nostalgia!fic of choice: Gundam Wing, heavy on the Treize/Zechs. Between this and the Fullmetal Alchemist re-watching, I'm really craving more slashfics with a commanding officer/subordinate officer pairing; recs, anyone?
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[personal profile] isis, I forgot to say, "Thank you for the lovely teas!"

I got the package, and promptly set it somewhere odd; it resurfaced two days ago, and now I'm sipping the Blood Orange Black with great delight!


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