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Lots and lots of politicking in this one! Everyone's got headaches from the rapid fall of two major political players, and Sir Su is ready to topple another. Gong Yu, Xinliu and Xinyang set the plot in motion to take down Yu's ally in the Ministry of Personnel.

Wheels are turning below the cut! )
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Guys, I just found this incredible fan-drawn animation of Yuri and Victor pair-skating to On Love: Agape! It's in a lovely spare sketchy style that reminds me of both the anime's ending credits, and of a storyboard.

I'm blown away by the talent shown here, and also by the little flash of Yuri's grin toward the end. <3

I also giggled a bit over how sharply the height difference is. :D Victor, you're a beanpole!


Apr. 14th, 2019 08:26 pm
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I started Duolingo!

It seemed like a good way to practise both the languages I know a bit of, and then in a wild fit of optimism I started on Russian as well.

(It's a running joke of mine that I ought to learn Russian because it becomes relevant to my life about every third fandom. Yuri on Ice, CA:TWS, Eroica Yori Ai o Komete...)

In the languages I'm not starting from scratch on, I'm cruising right along!

My main complaint is that between Russian and Japanese I feel like there could be a much better balance with introductions. The Hiragana lessons are dragging on e n d l e s s l y (I already know this! Why didn't the placement test ask this, so I could skip it?!) but Russian so far hasn't shown me how to pronounce or write a single letter. The "Alphabet" section launched straight into Дима, это Тим without bothering to so much as list the alphabet! What is this nonsense.

There needs to be some kind of swap system so I can trade some of these neverending hiragana lessons for a Russian alphabet overview. :D
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Finally got cracking on YnM again! Volumes 3 through 7 have been sitting on my coffee table for a month, silently reproaching me.

The third volume is the Cruise Ship Of Doom plotline!

Discussion below, with spoilers. )
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I mentioned a while ago I was watching this, I think? Anyway, I am! Finally. :D It's practically vintage at this point, but I still think of it as 'the new FMA' because I entered this fandom in 2003 and okay wow that is a lot longer ago when I count it out than it feels like it should be.

discussion under the cut )
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AKA, "Everybody has ~Feelings~ and Nobody Was Prepared"

THIS EPISODE, YOU GUYS. It's full of iconic oomph! moments and I was so not ready for this.

When I rewatched Episode 7 I realised I needed a tag for "The Lies of Mei Changsu;" this episode turned in the opposite direction, with a bunch of lines that are even more true than the speaker knows.

quotes and thoughts below the cut! )
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Sorry for the lack of posts lately; I've been distracted by RL activities and not doing much fannish stuff. I should be back to normal in a few more days.

Here, have some dragons:

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!
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AKA, "Nobody Knows How Much of This Was Planned Except Mei Changsu"

Seriously, what's a Divine Talent gotta do to get credit around this town?

Prince Yu: "Good for Mei Changsu. He bought a mansion at random and gave me such a big gift."
Jingrui: "Why must you be involved in this political chaos?"
Banruo: "Mei Changsu seems to be acting on his own."

More thoughts under the cut! )
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Had a blast the other night with [personal profile] anotherfmafan and the gang in the Fullmetal Alchemist chat! Cheryl (DW name??) was ultra-prepared and brought a bunch of trivia questions and prompts for a five-sentence ficlet challenge, and we had a great time!

You probably do not want me on your trivia team, but I did better with the prompts. :D

Prompt: Armstrong with a wiener - Armstrong, futurefic, gen )

A snowy night in Risembool - Ed&Roy, preslash, don't ask me about timelines )

Never enough time - Ed, Al, gen )

When Transmutations Go Wrong - Ed&Roy, gen or preslash )

Train shenanigans - Ed&Al, post-anime 2003, gen )

When egos collide - Al&Tringhams, preslash??, post-series gen )
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I'm on Episode Seven! AKA, "Mei Changsu Knows (Literally) Where the Bodies are Buried".

Things I noticed on this rewatch:
Notes below the cut. )
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Tsoko has edible glitter and I cannot stop laughing! Are we absolutely sure this game is rated PG?!
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In an effort to keep myself on track with various things, including posting, here's a round-up of where my current fannish efforts are focused.

Rewatching Nirvana in Fire
I've just started this, so if anyone wants to join in - either rewatching, or as a first-time viewing - I'd love to have company. :D At the moment I'm just four episodes in. If other people are interested in watching along, we can come up with a specific schedule and I'll make regular posts designated for discussion! If it ends up being just me, I'll probably be quieter about it; I feel like I've flooded everyone with NiF reactions lately, and you've all been very patient about it and deserve a break in return. :D

Reading Yami no Matsuei
I started this a while ago but got sidetracked, so I plan to start over at the beginning. I'll try to post after each volume completed, to avoid being sidetracked again. No specific schedule in mind, but I should manage at absolute minimum a volume a week.

Watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Believe it or not, I've never watched FMA:B before! I didn't want to watch it before finishing the manga, and when I'd finished the manga it wasn't readily available, so it's taken me all this time to get round to it. :D The first anime will probably always be my true love, but for completion's sake I do want to get through Brotherhood as well. There may not be much to post about, though, given that this is the third incarnation of FMA for me.

Reading new SF/F from my To-Be-Read Pile
Most of my reading thus far this year has been rereading, but this pile needs to shrink, and this year is as good as any. :D No idea what will call to me first when I start going through it, but as long as I pick something, it's progress! (Reminder to self: take a picture of the pile and post it!)

Rec Some Fics
The lack of fic recs in this journal is just sad. Gotta get back in that rec habit, even if it means stumbling through different ideas on how to approach it till I hit on one that works. (By fandom, by trope, by length?) DW friends, if you have suggestions for recs you'd like to see, now is the time to toss them out here! I had fun posting about Identity Porn, and I've made at least one other post about a beloved trope before, so maybe that's a good approach. Or maybe it should be under a separate heading like "Write Some Meta" that would include stuff like characterisation notes and thoughts on archive warnings.
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I'M DYING. Is. Is DragonCave's new Valentine thing. Actually. A school dating sim. With dragons??

I think the hot dragon teacher wants to ask me out, and honestly, I would totally date this dragon:

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LOOK at these great new figures of Yuuri, Victor, and Makka: They're so adorable!

I have no idea how to buy them, but I still want them so badly. ♥
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Somehow I stumbled onto this video and I can't stop laughing! (NSFW for nudity)

Everything about this is GOLD, from the title to way he keeps smiling!

I've had the tab open for an hour and a half now and I keep clicking back to it and giggling.
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For Journaling January - erm, Januebruary? - [personal profile] hannelore prompted me with "favourite snakes."

I have several!

Wild species. )

Captive-bred specimens. )

My own! )
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The prompt from [personal profile] hamsterwoman was "Dragon Cave!"

Dragon Cave, DragonCave, DC or DragCave are all the same thing:, an online sprite-collecting/digital-pet game where you collect, trade, and raise dragons of many breeds. Your dragons are displayed on a "scroll" to let you keep track.

I started playing in, uh, Feb 25, 2009, wow. o.O My intention was to play just long enough to accrue a handful of dragons to put in my signature to decorate my posts on a forum I frequented. As a bonus, I could use them to decorate LJ posts, too. Instead, I fell captive and now I'm the mod of [community profile] dragoncavers, meaning I run a community just so I can decorate it with dragons!

The most interesting thing about DC, I think, is that there's no set way to play. Some people just want one of every breed, from common to rare. Some people set a "scroll goal," such as having 5 of each kind. Breeding is completely optional, but can be done in many different ways, and some players end up producing lineages with special meaning or a visual pattern. Others prefer dragons without a lineage and focus on collecting those. Some players have fun with the naming feature, such as creating funny names or using an entire text within a lineage. [Note: those two aren't mine!] There are people who do roleplay, with a dedicated forum board for that or freeform via chat.

New breeds are released regularly, and there are also a number of tricky options you can mess around with: some breeds will produce hybrids when crossbred, or the color of the offspring can be manipulated. You can turn your dragons into zombies by killing them and successfully reviving them, or into "neglected dragons" which have a different sprite! There are unbreedable types that must be caught in the Cave or summoned by the actions of a dragon you own. There are eggs which will hatch into different dragons depending on the time of day or the phase of the moon. Some breeds are common and some are rare; there are players who do their best to figure out the ratio system and alter it, by mass-breeding certain types and estimating the offspring ratios!

Special new breeds are released on three holidays each year, with those breeds only able to produce their own kind of egg for a week at that holiday. Holidays usually bring fun mini-games ranging from an "Easter Egg Hunt" all over the site to an RPG adventure, but it's all optional and doesn't affect your game if you're not interested.

Basically, it's a wide-open sandbox and you can do your own thing. While looking at cute dragon pictures. :D

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Okay, deep breath, here goes:


I waited an two days to write this post, trying to gather my thoughts and I still can't do them justice because even after two days I am pretty incoherent with delight and sorrow.

This whole show has just been a ridiculous exercise in "I love everyone in this bar", and now that I have reached the finale this is STILL TRUE. I love everyone. Mei Changsu you wily lying bastard, I love you so much. Jingyan and Nihuang, I love you both. Tingsheng is so adorable all grown up I don't even know what to do. Lin Chen is my out-of-nowhere runner-up fave (with all the rest) and completely won my heart when he made Mei Changsu laugh. Fei Liu is still the best. Consort Jing has my heart forever. Doctor Yan is my soulmate and also wins the 'best hair' award. Xia Dong is a delight and my heart hurts on Gong Yu's behalf. Jingyan & Jingrui are the sweetest BFFs and I love them to bits and wish them all the adventures! Marquis Yan is so quietly awesome. Liyang made me proud in the end.

Even the antagonists get their moments of love. I was wowed by the scene where Xia Jiang is confronted by his ex-wife and son while in prison, and the actor playing the Emperor blew me away with emotions several times. I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS and right now I want nothing more than to watch the entire thing again while taking notes, preferably by taking a week off work and just mainlining it with as little sleep as possible. :D I may or may not already have the first episode queued up in another tab.

More below the cut. Probably spoilers, but vague ones? )
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I'm almost through - there's just one episode left!

Lin Chen is rapidly installing himself in my heart; every time he manages to make Mei Changsu smile I also smile like a fool. I also love his Drama Fan (seriously, he just carries a fan around so he can make melodramatic gestures with it, guys, it's hilarious!) and his squabbling with Fei Lu; the scene where he's unexpectedly drenched made me scare the cats by bursting into helpless snickers!

Loved the confrontation between Mei Changsu and the Emperor; it hit me exactly in my appreciation for stories with "family connections are not sacred and there are valid reasons to extinguish them" outcomes. I was your uncle, I took you on outings doesn't stack up next to I agreed to the execution and slander of your entire family under false accusations, no matter how tearfully offered. His hesitation, and then retreat without speaking, was so satisfying; I read it as not only a personal decision, but also an echo of his promise that they need never meet again - a conscientious display of his own honour, in contrast to his uncle's.

I'm so happy for Jingrui; for a while there I had decided that it was his fate in life to be disappointed by family members, but his mum came through in the end! If anyone deserves to have a little family success, it's that boy. Somebody coughcough Yujin cough needs to hug him! For like the next three days straight.

Next episode, here I come!


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