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It occurs to me that I never posted anything about having seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, despite having seen it twice.

Primarily because it was a very enjoyable movie... and my reaction was completely unfannish. The force did not awaken for me. The visuals were very nice, well matched to the original, and Rey was a delightfully cheerful and wide-eyed character whose adventures I enjoyed seeing unfold! But apparently that's not enough for whatever tiny midichlorian particle is responsible for creating the urge to join a fandom, and it hasn't happened to me.

Almost by accident, I have read maybe three fics, one of which I did end up in love with: have you heard by peradi. I love stories that explore the intersection of language and culture/language and thought, so the draw is less here's a Star Wars fic than it is here's a really cool story about telling stories. I do think it stands up as a Star Wars fic, too, though! So if you like fics about how stories shape and transmit our worldview and our (counter)culture, check it out. :D

Other than that, I'm somewhat sad that fandom limerence did not happen for me, but not overly surprised (Things Krait has learnt about herself: movies rarely produce the fannish urge.) and everybody else should carry on posting and squeeing and discussing and ficcing about it!

Tag not quite applicable, but it's the only Star Wars tag I have...
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It is absolutely pouring down rain! I have tea and nostalgia!fic, though, so it's not all bad. The nostalgia!fic bender started a few days ago, and is still going strong.

Today's nostalgia!fic of choice: Gundam Wing, heavy on the Treize/Zechs. Between this and the Fullmetal Alchemist re-watching, I'm really craving more slashfics with a commanding officer/subordinate officer pairing; recs, anyone?
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[personal profile] isis, I forgot to say, "Thank you for the lovely teas!"

I got the package, and promptly set it somewhere odd; it resurfaced two days ago, and now I'm sipping the Blood Orange Black with great delight!
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Well, I'm falling behind on my resolution to post more, already; fandoms to the rescue!

Guess who just got Kings Rising and devoured it in a matter of hours? That's right, this snake! What a great finale - the juxtapositions went a fair way toward letting everyone have some "resolved" feelings about their past conflicts.

More spoilery comments below the cut. )

I've also been rewatching the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime lately, and have just about decided - after browsing a whole lot of fic and having to skim over all the manga-verse and Brotherhood-verse choices - that it's time to pick up one or both of those, too. There's just not enough fic, especially longfic, for the 2003-verse! Not sure yet which I'll go for first; it'll probably come down to "whom do I know that will loan me theirs" and/or "which can I manage to download first." So we'll see!

Fellow FMA fans on my flist, which did you like best? Where would you recommend starting? Do you have any fic recs for me, either for now (from 2003-verse) or for later (after I've started the manga/Brotherhood)? I can hardly wait to have another thing to squee about!

Fic goals

Feb. 1st, 2016 08:36 pm
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Well, I didn't make my Feb 1 deadline for posting the rest of That Fic. :(

New goal = Valentine's. *doubles down*
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This is the first time in a few years that I haven't entered the new year with at least one new story on my AO3 account; I'm disappointed and doubtful and dismayed at myself. I've resolved to finish my ridiculously neglected work-in-progress by the end of the month, as restitution and a sort of reasonable way of feeling my way back into a more active mode of fandom again. (I intend to post more on DW, and to comment more on fics, too.)

Thank you to the lovely people who sent me cards! I hope all of the cards I sent out arrived safely, and the tea! Some have mentioned they enjoyed it, and I'm so glad to hear it; I really love choosing/finding teas to send to people every year. :D Thank you all for being my fandom friends, even when I'm quiet and unwrite-y.
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Happy New Year, everyone! May it be filled with fannish joy. :)
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I can't get the Archive to open; is anyone else finding that it's down?

Checked the AO3-status Twitter feed; no information on the possible issue - in fact, no tweets have been since Dec. 21. The link there for reporting problems leads to something that won't load. (It's a link, so I can't tell where it's really supposed to go.) No information appears on the AO3-status Livejournal, either.

In a stunning plot twist, is also not loading.

Any input?
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The time has come for my traditional offer of holiday cards and tea for all my fannish friends! Here's a poll, for everybody's convenience; answers are non-viewable, so you can leave your address safely.
Poll #17163 Holiday Card & Tea Poll
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 5

Card and tea?

Card only, please!
1 (25.0%)

Tea, too, please!
3 (75.0%)

Send my choice to:

If you have any allergies, flavours you can't stand, or even particular requests, drop them in a comment; comments will be screened. I generally send a mix of mostly black teas, and a mix of card designs, but I do have other options if you want less caffeine or would rather I exclude a certain subcategory (e.g. "please leave out any Earl Grey varieties" or "I'd prefer a Hannukah card or non-holiday card").

Some of you lovely people send me cards and/or tea in return, too, so I'll go ahead and note: any kind of card is fine! I mainly drink black teas (white is good, too!), but nothing with sweet-fruity (mango, pineapple, etc. - citrus is OK!) or vanilla/chocolate flavours.

I exist!

Nov. 20th, 2015 10:35 pm
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I exist! I feel as though I ought to post about that, as I've been so quiet on my own DW for so long.

I'm around, I'm reading and commenting (and, on AO3, kudosing), I'm just feeling particularly devoid of interesting original material.

How are you doing?


Aug. 30th, 2015 03:10 pm
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As an aside, I'm sekritly impressed with how well my book photos in the last two posts turned out! A photographer I am not, but apparently sometimes the stars align, or something. (Who would've guessed that the key to good book pics would be black bedsheets + 2 dead bulbs in the light fixture?)
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The other thing I bought for myself arrived, and I've just enjoyed a delightful reread!

Photo below the cut! )
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So I went and bought myself something, because I was reminded of it recently.

Image below the cut. )
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...and loving it! Finally caught up today; what a cliffhanger! I need to know when the next episode will arrive; I'm a reader, I'm not used to tension that can't be resolved by reading faster. :D
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This year I've made a number of nebulous resolutions, primarily for my real life but also in the fannish sphere. (Some of the former may interfere with the some of the latter, and some of which might aid it; we'll see.)

Mostly I want to comment more - I used to be a person who commented! Reliably, and even frequently! I miss that. Especially with the general slow decline of other forms of fannish conversation. Practically speaking, I left a comment the other day somewhere, and it felt good; I want that feeling again!

I also want to write more; every year I look at my AO3 stats and (usually) blush at the small output that 365 days has amounted to, but this year was a new low. Yes, I've learnt that WIP stories are Not For Me, but the price of that knowledge comes rather high, which is to say that realising I've only managed three-tenths of a single story in a year is depressing.

The last one is a growing need to personalise and expound upon my AO3 bookmarks. A list isn't nearly as helpful as a rec list; I need to be noting why I bookmarked a story and what other people might get out of it, not just saving a pile of titles. If I wanted only that, I can tap CTRL+B and start scrolling, no login needed! (Also because I've been reading back through them lately and I'm disturbed by the number of deleted works that have cropped up! Without any kind of note-to-self on those works, I don't know what they were, and there's no way to find out where those fics went...)

Has anyone else made fandom-specific resolutions so far this year?
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Does OpenOffice not exist anymore? There appears to be a website and a download button, but it never works; I receive "not a valid Win32 application" messages whenever I try to run the resulting download.

This is alarming because I'd assumed it was a temporary issue, but it's three weeks after my last attempts and I'm starting to worry. I can't write without something to write in!
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I have not forgotten the last couple of December prompts for the meme! They are forthcoming soonish. My old nemesis, Sinus Gunk, laid me low for a few days, but I think I have sufficient brainpower recovered now to tackle things like thinking and posting again.
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This prompt came from [personal profile] seerofbread: "Titles/categories from fandoms that you apply to yourself. (For example, what Hogwarts house would you be in, or do you even think/care about those things?)"

Read more... )

It's not something I don't think about, because an instinctive part of me wants to be involved in any canon I'm serious about, and that includes "where do I fit in"-type assessments like this, not to mention that it's hard to avoid as a side-thought when doing related types of meta (character analysis, or contrasting the different categories, etc.)! However, it's not something I get deathly serious about, either; I generally prefer to lavish the lion's share of my fannish brain capacity on other forms of meta. But everybody has that thinly veiled self insert OC deep inside them.

What about you, readers? What categories from fandom have you considered, applied, or rejected?
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This prompt from [personal profile] isis was a wonderful exercise in greed: "Design the perfect canon for you from scratch! What is it about? SF, historical, fantasy? Is it a tv series or a book series or a comic series or a game or....something else?"

A tough one! )
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My prompt for the 16th was: "Briefly summarize your [Some Number] most favourite fanworks in an unappealing or misleading way." - [personal profile] odditycollector

This is the sort of thing I've always admired when other people do it well, but have secretly worried I'm not witty enough to do, so bear with me here. :D

Let's face it, the real hardest part is picking the fanworks! )

Edited to add: Now with real summaries in the comments, in case anything struck you as intriguing, or you want to know just how far I can stretch a point in the name of amusement. :D


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