Jun. 13th, 2011

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I hope you enjoyed chapters 5 & 6, in which even more excitement finds Bren...

Discuss away! Has your view on anything changed? Do you have new suspicions or insights? Things you're hoping will happen, or hoping won't come to pass?
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If you have discussion points for Chapters 5-6 you wish to bring up but which include spoilers, please post them here. Then link your comment in the general post, so those who want to avoid being spoiled can do so!
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I've been seeing a few mentions (and cards from) [community profile] hc_bingo popping up on my flist, so I went to check it out.

Somehow this turned into signing up.

Now I am quailing and panicking, albeit not as severely as I could be, because, well, a "deadline" in December might as well not exist to me in June; I can't think that far ahead. BUT I am completely willing to accept cheerleaders, beta offers, and suggested fandoms anyway! :D

It's sort of amazing me how I can look at the card and think, "oh, yeah, I've got a fandom with that"; and it's making me wonder if these things appeal mainly to fen with a long and multiple fandom history/those who are active (or at least never quite inactive) in a lot of fandoms. One-fandom and fandom-monogamous fen, do you do Bingo fests? If so, do you just write a lot of AUs (or do non-fic fills) for things your fandom doesn't contain, e.g. mad scientists in a medieval-type fantasy fandom, or do you just bend the prompt really acutely?

under the cut: my H/C Bingo card! )

Honestly? Somewhat challenging. Not nearly as many insta-recognition moments (you know -- where an idea instantly leaps into focus: "YES! X FANDOM FOR THAT ONE, WITH CHARACTERS M + Z! I CAN SEE IT NOW!") as I'd hoped; it's rather "yes, that one! -- and I have a fandom that would fit the one next to it. -- well, it doesn't do much for me but I could probably manage something for that. -- yes, that one has possibilities. -- if I can do this one I can make a bingo, and at least I have a suitable fandom."

And, well, yes, I don't have to write fic for them. But my personal goal is to write fic for at least three of them, in accordance with my fannish New Year's Resolution.

(Hey, Foreigner readalong people: would it surprise you that I'm strongly tempted to use Foreigner for the "bodyguards" square? :D Unloved fandoms for the win, right? Banichi and Jago are awesome! And it's not like there's any lack of hurting in this book! Heh heh heh...
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BINGO: Horizontal Line (5 Fills)

fever / delirium grief homesickness undeserved reputation unwanted transformation
hostile climate depression love spell / potion gone wrong theft learning to be loved
head trauma unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding WILD CARD lacerations / knife wounds minor illness
sexual extortion severe / life-threatening illness bullet wounds broken bones first transformation
serial killers fighting telepathic trauma bodyguards assault


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