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Raise your hand if you remember SurveyFail, a fandom-wide fiasco featuring two idiots trying to profit from the generosity of fen (the old FanLib story!).

(Apparently, they managed to cobble together a book in spite of all fandom could throw at them...)

In the spirit of 3W4DW, comments are turned off on LJ, but you can easily comment on DW via Open ID; just follow the fake cut!
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Right. Having thought about it, and seeing a number of members of my friendslist locking everything, I find myself still stubbornly reluctant to bow to the pressure.

First, I did go in, after some waffling, with the intention of deleting the most controversial of my interests; but found that, in fact, I didn't have "chan," "shota," or "incest" in there anyway. Perhaps I'll go in and add "controversial fiction," just out of spite.

Second, I'm not going to lock this journal. I thought about it, but you know what? Let them complain. I'm lazy, and flocking four years of posts is an insane amount of work. In addition, I baulk at the implications -- I have always had some sort of "fair warning: this journal contains" text in my userinfo. That ought to be enough, especially considering that I also try to give warnings on specific fics which contain really controversial stuff (and, I think, give some explanation for how it's handled by the author).

If two warnings and an age request aren't enough, I don't think locking everything would be, either. If anything, it makes me more culpable, because I would have specifically added (positive action) someone who was illegal/offended by what I posted.

I was a member of one of the now-defunct communities (and am still a member of a not-yet-targeted chan community), but right now I'm rather in the mood to defend to the death my right to join whatever I want, and I'm not going to drop the comm in a panic. Let them come. Even Slytherins have a point wherein they turn and fight, because retreat isn't worth what comes with it.

I'm disgusted that there were/are communities on LJ devoted to the titillation and justification of real, actual, child abuse. I'm almost as disgusted, however, at the notion that something like HP fic or shota manga could be equated with "the health and safety of children".

And I'm furious that a pompous, overinflated bunch of nobodies with an axe to grind have taken it upon themselves to tell me what I may and may not read or discuss, and to strip from me all right to defend myself verbally should they choose to vilify me. Attention, "Warriors": I've had six years of fandom involvement to draw judgments from, whereas you don't even seem to read the journals you're attacking. Therefore, I'm going to be sticking with my definitions of innocent content, thanks.

In short: Hi, my name is Lance, and I read fanfiction, slash, rapefic, chan, slavefic, bondage, darkfic, and sundry other things, none of which makes me a thief, an unnatural woman, a rapist, a paedophile, a slavery apologist, a sadist, or an evil overlord.
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The lovely and spirited [ profile] cofax7 has a thorough list of the various problems associated with this site (and [ profile] goodnightlady has a good list, too), but in summary:

* It is intended to make money for someone else from the stuff you do for free;
* The TOS gives you no protection from lawsuits, and no say in what's done to your fic (they can edit it however they like, or even sell it!);
* The Folk In Charge consist of investors, media lawyers, and other such notables, all of whom are male and have no connection to fandom; and
* The whole thing reeks of exploitation.

[ profile] stewardess suggests that everyone go there and register their pen name/s, just to keep them from being used by others, which strikes me as a good idea. Other than that, everyone? Please let's avoid the whole stinking pile, because it just reeks of abuse waiting to happen.


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