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If you have discussion points for Chapters 9-13 you wish to bring up but which include spoilers, please post them here. Then link your comment in the general post, so those who want to avoid being spoiled can do so!

Date: 2011-06-20 11:07 pm (UTC)
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There is something very wrong with Bren that, when he thinks he's going to die, he imagines being alone, away from work, his family, and his girlfriend, just alone. Maybe that's why he ends up so dependent on his aishid and his servants - they don't pull on his human emotions, so they make him feel safe?

And then he realizes he skis because it's dangerous, not because he's alone - but I still think he feels the need not to be around people, not to have their needs pulling at him, now that he's been around atevi, who just don't have the same emotional effect as humans do. That is really not good for a human who needs to interact with humans, which explains why he pretty much stops doing the mediate-between-sides thing after a while!

Also, it looks like Mospheirans believe that FTL involves time-dilation, but that doesn't appear to be the case in later books, or if it is, it's not very dramatic - Cajeiri returns about as much older as he would have been if he'd stayed, etc.

Date: 2011-06-21 01:45 am (UTC)
cheyinka: An ateva riding a mecheita through the snow. (atevi)
From: [personal profile] cheyinka
I feel Bren is being too hard on himself regarding his human relationships. (A convenient target for his self-anger to vent upon, perhaps?) With the power of spoiler!foresight, I have to say: aside from Toby, maybe, none of Bren's human "relationships" are anything I'd want to die thinking about. D: All of them seem to be really good reasons to take up skiing on really remote mountains and a job as far away as possible.

Sure, but is it impossible he could have had, I don't know, friends in the department or something? He has a strained relationship with Toby because their mother preferred Bren, an emotionally-abusive relationship with his mother because she prefers him and he's rarely on Mospheira, and a not-even-friends with very-infrequent-benefits relationship with Barb, & sure, I probably wouldn't want to die thinking about folks like that, either. But I think when I realized, hours later, that my dying thoughts had been of Anything But Them, I'd have gone the route of "and I didn't even have thoughts of humans to console me, because all the humans I'm close to suck" or even "and I screwed up all my human relationships so badly I couldn't even comfort myself with them", not "and I didn't even think of people, because all I want is to be alone in the cold" :(
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Date: 2011-06-21 11:30 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] spaceoperadiva
This was like Bren suddenly got plunged into a machimi, only with Atevi, even when they're playing play pretty rough. Bren's PTSD for the next few chapters is very grim.

Bren's absolute shock at the ship arrival at the station was amazing. And in that moment, he's throwing his man'chi in with 'Sidi by way of Tabini. Very machimi indeed.

I love his constant fussing over his computer too, which becomes quite delightful and a bit diabolical in the next section.


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